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Area 25,700,000 km2
Population 2,598,000,000
Number of countries 67 (39 uninhabited)
Demonym Archantan/Archantian

Archanta is a continent south of Uletha and east of Tarephia. The continent has a narrow isthmus near 20 latitude south which divides the continent into a northern and a southern part. To facilitate easy transport of cargo and people by ship a canal was built in the nation of Mecyna, cutting through the isthmus and connecting the White Sea in the west with the Gulf of Archanta in the east.

The continent is divided into four subcontinents:

  • Archanta Major - The main northern mass of the continent
  • Archanta Minor - The northeasternmost extension of the continent, entirely within the country of Commonia
  • Gwynian - The southwestern extension of the northern part of the continent
  • Astrasia - The part of the continent south of the canal

Cartographers used to place the boundry between Archanta Major and Astrasia in a line from lake Hotakope to Glotaqua, but since the construction of the canal, the middle of that waterway is usually considered the boundary.

The biggest country in Archanta, and the world, is Commonia and the smallest one is TBD.

Names Archanta


Its etymology and language of origin are uncertain. It appears to be one of the most ancient of recorded names. A number of theories have been published. The widely most accepted theory is that Ingerish Archanta can be traced through the formation of Ingerish literature, where it has the same form, Archanta.


Mountain Ranges

Bodies of Water




List of States

Countries in Archanta Major are:

Country Capital Area Inhabitants Density Remarks
28px Abunadi Abunadi City 4025.41 10,750,000 TBD
Amsel Flag.png Amsel Nasium 16,000 578,000
Andalazflag.jpg Andalaz Padhang 35,440 4,530,772 127.84
Angla-terra.png Angla Orache
Arataran flag.png Arataran Mostrakago 6,809,000
Canadeshiaflag.jpg Canadeshia Cheyogan 41,151 9,000,000 218.703
Castilea Archantea.svg Castilea Archantea Edetanea 48,125,000
Chastechekflag2.jpg Chastechek Ashbourne 106,581 14,000,000 131.356
Luciano Flag CO.png Commonia (none)
Luciano Flag DFS.png Drull Drull 3,200,000
Elhadia flag.png Elhadia Elhadia 3,200,000
Lang Republic
Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion Rivador 64,194 7,807,120 121
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Phoenix
Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Rhododactylia Rose City
Flag of Rogolnika 1.png Rogolnika Ergolanyum 21,532,920
Flag red yellow.svg Singkangia Singkangia 11,890,000 TBD City-state in Archanta
Drapeau Surricie.png Surricy Amonters-Port 2,000,000
Troipoline Drublic
Luciano Flag WC.svg West Commonia
FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Elegantia

Archanta Minor includes the northern part of Commonia.

Countries in Gwynian are:

Country Capital Area Inhabitants Density Remarks
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangëa none
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Villa Constitución 163,234 19,110,000 117.1
Flag of Balonis.png Balonis Balonis City
Nordestan Flag.png Nordestan Charlestown 220,537.522 15,231,888 69.0
SaneusitaniaFlag.png Saneusitania Saneus 50,000,000
Suprema Federazione di Lollmer
TheHallowLandsFlag.svg The Hallow Lands
VatofarêFlag.png Vatofarê Sveta Locianos 21,000 2,309,950 109,9

Countries in Astrasia are:

Country Capital Area Inhabitants Density Remarks
Deodecaflag.png Deodeca Ash Heights
Flag of Forrintië.png Forrintië Viaden 449,374 93,012,496 207/km2
Inretsk Flag.png Inretsk Tarkapiika 32,824 km2 515,490 15.7/km2
South Ismikk Flag.png Ismikk Palmerston City
FLAGJISL.png Jørpenilands
(territory of FLAGZYL.png Zylanda)
Flag Lezerne.png Lezerne 3465.35 km2 1.298.739 375/km2
5 star FMR flag.svg Maurician Republics New Amsterdam 19,074,414
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Phoenix
Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Malojdeh 7,428,000
Orle flagg kongeriket.png Ôrlé Rézà
Randalia Flag.png Randalia Arborvell 13,820,000
Flagrots.png Řots Nekkar 159,220.07 km2 9,760,312 61.30/km2
SAF flag.svg South Astrasian Federation Astrasiapolis 7,100,000
Tirnua-Flag.png Tirnua Port Gorm
TriaquiaFlag.png Triaquia Belmont
VegaFlag.PNG Vega
Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Ordyo City 25 000 km2

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