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Gigante, or Gigante Corporation, is a Singkangian hypermarket chain, based in Keppong, Singkangia. Gigante also owns Verona Coffee, selling coffees and Estela Niesa, a popular brewery.

As of 2017 there are four Gigante locations in Singkangia, while more locations are opening overseas. In 1998 Gigante launched 'Gigante Express' for smaller branches in Singkangia and overseas, and 'Gigante Finest' was launched in 2011 in Singkangia to cater to the changing tastes of Singkareans who are increasingly well-travelled. These branches offers a range of products different from other Gigante stores in Singkangia, such as Khaiwoonese and Karolian groceries.



In home country Singkangia

In Rhododactylia

In Gobrassanya

In Freedemia

In Esthyra