Gulf of Volta

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Gulf of Volta
Li tabrea

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Gulf of Volta
LocationEastern Ulethan mediterranean sea
Ocean/sea sourcesArdentic Ocean, Scythian Sea
Basin countriesMauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia
Mergany Flag.png Mergany
Raiden flag.jpg Raiden
TeberiaFlag.png Teberia
Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni

The Gulf of Volta (Maurit: Li Tabrea, The Gate) is an oceanic basin that is a southwestward extension of the Scythian Sea. It is surrounded entirely by parts of the Ulethan continent and serves as an interior, marginal sea off the Ardentic Ocean. The bordering countries are (in clockwise order) Volta, Viljanni, Mergany, UL052, Margo, Raiden, Mauretia, Palaseskia, UL015g, New Davis, Teberia, Supernia and Nelavia. The bay is connected via the Strait of Madrin and the Strait of Chünmen to the Darcodian Sea. Its Ingerish name is derived from the bordering country Volta. In Maurit, however, the name li tabrea finds its origins in the use of the gulf as the primary trade and transportation route to central and northern Uletha. A major ports is the Port of Brugham in the north.