Jundah Subway

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Jundah Subway
OwnerJundah Metro
Area servedCity of Jundah, Downtown Stuart
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of stationsTBD
Daily ridershipIncrease 656,171 (2016)
Annual ridershipIncrease 239,545,925 (2016)
Began operationJanuary 16, 1968
Operator(s)Jundah Metro
CharacterElevated, at-grade, and underground
Train length5 cars
First departureWeekdays: 5:00 am
Weekends: 6:00 am
Last arrivalWeekdays: 1:30 am
Fri/Sat: 2:30 am
Sunday: 1:00 am
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
Electrification625 V (DC) third rail
Average speed38 km/h (24 mph)
Top speed83 km/h (52 mph)

The Jundah Subway is a mass rapid transit system primarily serving the cities of Jundah and Stuart.


The system opened in 1968 with Line 1 from Sedgwick to Harborside and Line 2 from Museum District (then Lamott Circle) to Stuart Central. In 1974, Line 1 was extended to Scripps Beach and Line 2 to Merita Terminal. A branch for Line 3 was built to Krakouer Beach in 1977, and the rest of the line was run along the existing Line 2 tracks. In response to the construction of the Medical Center and new developments surrounding the decommissioned Mayfield Airport, Line 5 was opened to Scripps Beach in 1979.

The short Line 4 was opened in its entirety in 1994. The project had been planned two decades ago, but was delayed due to a series of budget cuts, hence the gap in numbering.

Lines 2 and 3 were extended to Arlington Arbor in 2001, and Line 3 was even further extended to Sedona in 2005. Finally, Line 5 was extended to Villa Serena in 2014.


A 2 train stops at Rutherford Station in 2015. The station was undergoing renovations at the time.

The Jundah Subway system has five lines. In the following table, peak times are on weekdays from 7AM-10AM and 4PM-7PM. Late nights are from 11PM-5AM, and off-peak includes all other times.

Service Termini Length Stations Headway
Peak Off-peak Late nights
1 Prospect Beach ↔ Scripps Beach TBD TBD 4 min 8 min 25 min
2 Merita Terminal ↔ Riverside TBD TBD 5 min 9 min 25 min
2X Merita Terminal* ↔ Rutherford TBD TBD 5 min N/A N/A
3 Krakouer Beach ↔ Sedona TBD TBD 5 min 9 min 25 min
4 Central ↔ Hunterdon TBD TBD 4 min 8 min 25 min
5 Rutherford ↔ Villa Serena TBD TBD 4 min 8 min 25 min

*Makes no stops in peak direction between Merita Terminal and Upper Montrose.


A single ride ticket is $2.75 THD regardless of origin and destination. The fare is $2.50 THD per ride using a refillable J-Card. A free bus transfer is available within 2 hours of swiping a card. Students and seniors are eligible for reduced fare J-Cards, which allow travel for only $1.50 THD per ride.