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This article (and all articles on Mahhal-related topics), in deference to Mahhalian tradition and out of respect for Mahhalian sensibilities, makes no mention of the specific gender of individuals. As a minimally intrusive alternative, where personal pronouns are necessary "singular they" is used. See also Mahhalian views on gender.
5, -61.856, 96.372
The Seven Kingdoms of the Mahhal Alliance
Dolla Byky Rewk Mahhal
Flag of Mahhal
CapitalRewk Mahhal
Largest cityJwr Jwraom
Official languagesMahhalian
Ethnic GroupsMahhalian 99%
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Theocratic Heptarchy
 • Prime MinisterMadonydepput
LegislatureParliament of Proxies
 • Upper houseAlliance Council (Rewk)
 • Lower houseHouse of Subprefects
 • Total131545.0 km2
50789.8 sq mi
 • Estimate (2016)7,644,300
 • Density58.1/km2
150.5/sq mi
 • Total$138,445 million
 • Per capita$18,111
HDI (2015)Increase 0.75
CurrencyMahhalian Ono (MH@) (MHO)
Drives on theleft

Mahhal, formally The Seven Kingdoms of the Mahhal Alliance (fidelly Dolla Byky Rewk Mahhal, fidelly ጦሓብክሬዑክማኣል), is an archipelago nation located in far reaches of the southern hemisphere, as a southeasterly extension of the continent of Antarephia, to the southeast of the Harda Archipelago.

Mahhal is divided into 7 kingdoms, and under them a total of 50 prefectures (each kingdom has 7 prefectures, plus the so-called special capital prefecture of Rewk Mahhal, from which the country derives its name).


The name Mahhal is just the name of a river, Ma Hhal, meaning "Snowy River." The Snowy River Alliance was a treaty signed over a thousand years ago between the seven kingdoms.

Physical Geography

See main article at Mahhalian Archipelago.

Human Geography

There are 8 top-level political divisions of Mahhal: the seven kingdoms, plus the "Special Capital Prefecture" of Rewk Mahhal, which by the constitution is sovereign territory of all seven monarchs.

Following is a table of the 8 top-level political divisions.

Name Capital Area (km2) Population Density Map Note
Flag of the Puh Kingdom Puh Kingdom

Ahamallassar tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Nellappe Kingdom Nellappe Kingdom

Gahamsy Pekkor tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Jessitim Kingdom Jessitim Kingdom

Piropeta tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Dawassy Kingdom Dawassy Kingdom

Pampollygar tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Rakka Kingdom Rakka Kingdom

Hut tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Lyr Kingdom Lyr Kingdom

Lyr tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Oa Kingdom Oa Kingdom

Oa Bazon tbd tbd tbd map location
Flag of the Rewk Mahhal SCP Rewk Mahhal SCP

Rewk Mahhal tbd tbd tbd map location

For a complete listing of the first, second and third level divisions of the country, see the Political Divisions of Mahhal.


See main article at Government of Mahhal.

Mahhal is a Federal Constitutional Theocratic Heptarchy.


See Mahhalians (Ethnic Group).


See Mahhalian Language.


See Derakassy.


Despite its location between 57 and 67 degrees south, because of prevailing ocean currents and winds Mahhal has a cold, maritime climate with most ports on the north coast and the enclosed "seas" remaining ice-free year-round. Parts of the country receive immense amounts of precipitation, and temperate rain forests cover 30% of the country. Another 10% of the country, at high elevations, are covered in glaciers, however. Winters everywhere are cold and snowy, and summers are typically mild and rainy.

Agriculture and Food Production

The growing season is short, but rainfall is abundant and hardy cultivars of rice, barley, millet, rye, along with various root vegetables such as beetroot, potato, carrot and radish, all flourish. In ancient times the Mahhalians were pastoralists, herding goats, horses and oxen, raising all as both meat and milk animals. Mahhalians still consider red meat of this sort essential, but in fact they derive almost all their protein from plant food and, most importantly, from the all-surrounding sea. Seafood constitutes a huge component of the nation's diet.

Culture and Sports


The most popular "international" sport in Mahhal, by far, is ice hockey, which they call Aes Hhakky (ዓዒሥኣቅ), a rough transliteration of the Ingerish into their spelling system. It was brought to the country by diplomats and travelers many decades ago, and with its sub-arctic climate, the country took to it well, given they were able to play outdoors for part of the year in most locations.

The country has several domestic leagues and competes internationally, and produces a substantial number of world class players. It is a charter member of the OGIIHF (OpenGeofiction International Ice Hockey Federation).

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