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Location of Archanta

Archanta is a continent south of Uletha and east of Tarephia. The continent has a narrow isthmus near 20 latitude south which divides the continent into a northern and a southern part. To facilitate easy transport of cargo and people by ship a canal was built in the nation of Mecyna, cutting through the isthmus and connecting the White Sea in the west with the Gulf of Archanta in the east.

The continent is divided into four subcontinents:

  • Archanta Major - The main northern mass of the continent
  • Archanta Minor - The northeasternmost extension of the continent, entirely within the country of Commonia
  • Gwynian - The southwestern extension of the northern part of the continent
  • Astrasia - The part of the continent south of the canal

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Folksting, Østermark's parliament, on Tingsø

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2017-02-16 - Irhoborin Refugee Settlement

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Irhoborin Refugee Settlement created by Luciano.


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A sign informing drivers they are entering a culturally and/or historically important area in Litvania, by User: Litvania.
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