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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

New users receive a wiki account when they are assigned a territory. Other users may contact admin for an account. Before adding to the wiki, however, please read the guidelines and develop some significant mapping first. Post here if you have any wiki questions.

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Origins Store Interior

Origins is a retail chain that belongs to Metyur S.A., the largest retailer in Yuris. It was the first supermarket chain operating in Yuris, starting in 1965, when the first store was opened in Icónico, Nelyto City. Today, Origins remains a reference in Yuris food retail sector. Its stores are mainly located in large malls or in alone stores on the major Yurin cities.

Since 1959, Metyur S.A. manifested its intention to invest on the food retail market. That was accomplished when the first Modelo store (previous name of Origins), was opened in Icónico, Nelyto City. Its large dimension and the availability not only of the supermarket but also small shops made Modelo a success case. In fact, all Modelo stores followed Icónico’s example model.

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Did you know...

Dunwic Flyhthæfen
  • ...that Dunwic Flyhthæfen International, Myrcia's premier international airport, opened in 1933 with flights to Englea, not starting international service until 1952?
  • ... that Hannah-Maryam Sansu Paulo, who served for 15 years as Prime Minister of Mauretia and later served as Mauretian Ambassador to the Assembly of Nations, is most remembered for her involvement in women's organizations affiliated with the Mauroi Christic movements?
  • ...that the Eganian Cedar can live for 1,000 years and is the national symbol for Egani?
  • ...that Agarderia had no functional government for 3 days in the May of 1987?

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Very good mapping skills shown by Sarepava.


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Map of Cernou with more great heraldry by Pawl.
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