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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

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Queen Angela The Founder

Eshein, officially the Kingdom of Eshein is a small sovereign state in eastern Uletha bordered by Mergany and Viljanni to the north, by Nelavia to the south, by the Darcodian Sea to the west and by the Gulf of Volta (Ardentic Ocean) to the east. The capital city and the largest city is New Tyrrin.

Eshein is devided into two states: Keswerg, the northern side of the Strait of Owneheym, and Atelfain, in the southen side. The division into two states existed since Eshein was "The Colony of New Colsex". The immigrants from Ingerland setteled in the north, in Keswerg, and the Mergans from the time that Eshein's land was ruled by Mergany, were forced to reside in the south, in Atelfain. Immigration from both countries is still legal, although the nationality of the first settlers is Eshen today.
Eshein is a member of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies (EUOIA) and the Assembly of Nations. Eshein, as it is today, was created in 1806 by the first queen of Eshein, Queen Angela The Founder (pictured).

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Type "A" from the 1880's of a Latina Town House

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A well thought out and detailed university campus with lots of interesting research areas by wangi.


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Panoramic photograph of Barra da Grama by BMSOUZA
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