New Tyrrin

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New Tyrrin
Noy Tyrrin
Neu Tyrrin
Capital City
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
 • StateState of Atelfain
DemonymNew Tyrrinier
 • MayorGeorg Feiner
 • Census (2015)1,030,320

New Tyrrin (in Eshen "Noy Tyrrin") is the capital and largest city in the Kingdom of Eshein and it is the home of the Queen of Eshein, Helena Angela Margaret Halensk, who lives in the "Grose Palas" (in Ingerish: "Biggest Palace"). The city located in the middle of Eshein in the northern part of the state of Atelfain, on the coast of the Strait of Owneheym.


New Tyrrin is called after the city "Tyrrin" in that used to be in Midistland. The city was very close to Tengah, the place where Queen Angela became a queen. New Tyrrin in the state of Atelfain, which was founded for the people Mergans whitch wanted to name their capital city after a city in their queens previous country, in order to honor the queen that gave them freedom. The first name of the city, before queen Angela arrived, was "Strard". It was changed in honor of the queen to "New Bend", after the city Bend, the capital of Midistland. The name "New Bend" didn't last long and it was changed after only three monthes to "New Tyrrin" from unknown reasons.


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List of Important Buildings


  • The Crown Island and the Crown Hall
  • Queen Angela "The Founder" Memorial
  • Enthorp Square Fountain
Part of Queen Angela's Memolrial Clock Tower



  • Holy Royal Cathedral
  • Memorial Church
  • New Tyrrin Cathedral
  • St. Enthorp Church
The Holy Royal Cathedral
New Tyrrin Cathedral

Education And Museums

  • National Library of Eshein
  • University of New Tyrrin
  • National Gallery of Eshein
  • National Eshen Museum


Eshein Bridge