Origins (Supermarket)

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IndustryFood Retailing
FounderKarly Siegel
HeadquartersIcónico, Nelyto City
Area Served Yuris, Paroy, Auleus
Key PeopleMiguel Caradan, CEO
 Fúlvio Christiansen, Co-Director
 Thyra Hinrichs, Executive Management Leader
Service(s)Everyday Needs
Number of employees120537
DivisionsFood Retailing
SubsidiariesPaper Cut
 UR Origins

Origins is a retail chain that belongs to Metyur S.A., the largest retailer in Yuris. It was the first supermarket chain operating in Yuris, starting in 1965, when the first store was opened in Icónico, Nelyto City. Today, Origins remains a reference in Yuris food retail sector. Its stores are mainly located in large malls or in alone stores on the major Yurin cities. The company is also investing in its internationalization.


Modelo - Icónico (Nelyto City), the first food retail store of Metyur S.A.

Since 1959, Metyur S.A. manifested its intention to invest on the food retail market. That was accomplished when the first Modelo store (previous name of Origins), was opened in Icónico, Nelyto City. Its large dimension and the availability not only of the supermarket but also small shops made Modelo a success case. In fact, all Modelo stores followed Icónico’s example model.

Two years later, Modelo – TBD, in Ordyo City, and Modelo - TBD, in Botiliana, were opened. The company was well succeeded overtime, so it kept expanding reaching a number of 500 store in 1983.

In 1984, Modelo starts to produce food products with its own brand, making it cheaper.

In 1998, Metyur suffered an internal restructuring when Gerard Gunvor Altamura became the group’s CEO. By these means, Modelo changed its name to Origins, in a operation of about 6 million scudos. In that year, the chain already counted 619 stores around the coutry. On the same year, the first Urban Origins is opened in TBD, Ordyo City.

In 2001, Paper Cut is created, Metyur’s office products brand, only sold in stores from the group.

In 2006, Place Orgins is created, making the company stores to reach virtually all Yurin population. Nowadays, Origins has 803 stores and employs about 100 thousand people.

Evolution of Origins's Logo

Store formats

Inside view of Shopping Icónico (Nelyto City) that replaced the old Modelo - Icónico
  • Origins – the traditional superstore format, mainly located in shopping malls and in suburbs (due to its large dimensions).
  • Urban Origins – the second Origins’s format that consists in medium dimension stores located in the middle of cities to make the brand closer to the costumer’s home.
  • Place Origins – a brand new format that consists in minimarkets to reach the population who lives away from cities.



Location Country Format Map Notes
Avenida das Fachadas, Puntick Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Urban Origins map Winston Smith Plaza
Babelictown, Carran Flag3.jpg Auleus Urban Origins map
Fletcher, Trevers ParoyFlag.png Paroy Urban Origins map
Market Street, Castmore, Nissony ParoyFlag.png Paroy Place Origins map
Praça Invicta, Midio, Nelyto City Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Urban Origins map
Praia Nova, Guia, Puntick, Ordyo Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Urban Origins map
Rua dos Acessos, Bairro da Sé, Puntick, Ordyo Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Urban Origins map
Shopping Icónico, Icónico, Nelyto City Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Origins map First Origins store