Railweg Myrcia

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Railweg Myrcia
Native nameMyrcian Railways
Area servedMyrcia
Transit typeRailway
HeadquartersRM Hús, Dunwic
CharacterHeavy rail, both intercity and regional
Train length2-8 carriages
Map showing RM IC services
Map showing RM Regio services in Dunwic
Rail transport map of Ceasternisc Bernica

Railweg Myrcia (Ingerish: Myrcian Railways) is the state-owned and operated railway network in Myrcia. Its international subsidiary RMI (Railweg Myrcia International) operates rail and urban transit systems in other nations under franchise.


Railweg Myrcia operates a number of different service levels ranging from inter-city services to regional commuter lines and rural branch lines.


RM IC is the name given to the two inter-city services which RM operates. The Nórd Star runs from Dunwic to St Alfaed and Nórdport. The Westaxe Wyvern runs from Dunwic to Renburh via St Grimbald. These services are operated by diesel engines with a rake of between eight and ten carriages. The longest journey times run to a little under two hours so facilities and speeds are limited compared to high-speed services on the mainland. Food and drink is served and first class carriages provide hot meals on morning and evening Nórd Star trains.


RM Regio is a network of six commuter lines focused on the Ceasternisc Bernica region and Dunwic. Electric trains run on overhead power and operate to a regular frequency, most lines run 4tph with some running up to 8tph during peak times. RM Regio also operates the Airport Flyht and Grimbald Flyht express services which connect Dunwic, St Brannoc and St Grimbald to Dunwic Flyhthæfen International. Services are worked in close co-operation with Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic to ensure transport integration across the city.


RM Læð refers to the regional branch lines operated by RM outside of the Ceasternisc Bernica region. These are operated by two or four carriage diesel trains and tend to be fairly infrequent. This includes the line from St Alfaed to Nórdport and the local stopper services from St Grimbald to Renburh.


Origin Terminus Notes
N Dunwic Mid Nórdport Mid / St Alfæd Áfon Nórd Star service
W Dunwic Mid St Grimbald Súd / Renburh Hæfen Westaxe Wyvern service
RM Regio
11 Dunwic Hýþ Terminal Vesthæfen Mid
12 St Brannoc Mid Vesthæfen Mid
13 St Brannoc Mid Duccsford Súd
14 Dunwic Hýþ Terminal Duccsford Súd
15 Súmburh Duccsford Súd
16 Dunwic Flyhthæfen International Afonféld Brig
RM Læð
33 St Grimbald Súd Renburh Hæfen
34 St Alfæd Áfon Nórdport Mid