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Free Republic of Randalia
""Live and Let Live""
Sweet Home Randalia

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|250px|alt=Location of Randalia]]
Randalia shown within Archanta
Largest cityRoscovina
Official languagesIngerish
NationalitiesRandalian (90%), Various Archantan (7%), Other (3%)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Republic
 • PresidentElvis Montrose
 • Vice PresidentValerie L. Dixon
 • Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtOtis "Nimrod" Duke
 • Supreme Commander of the National GuardWilliam H. "Billy" Puckett
LegislatureHall Of Representatives
 • Upper houseAssembly o f Senators
 • Lower houseAssembly of Deputies
 • Total635,844 km2
 • Census (2015)18,682,503 (62.5% urban/37.5% rural)
 • Density29.4/km2
GDP (nominal)2013
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
HDI (2014)Increase 0.825
very high
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.rd

Randalia is a country located in the southern portion of the continent of Archanta specifically in the subcontinent of Astrasia. It is bordered on the north by the Western Gulf of Archanta, on the west by Alormen, on the east by the territory AR057, and on the south by Unesia and territory AR120. Measuring east to west, its length is approximately 800 miles. Randalia has an area of 245,501 square miles (635,844 km2) and a population of over 18.6 million residents. 62.5% of the population live in urban areas which is classified as cities and towns of over 10,000 in population.


It is believed that the earliest inhabitants migrated from central Uletha or elsewhere in Archanta, possibly an area in what is now known as Commonia. This much is not certain, but by the beginning of the first millennium the area was populated by a rough federation of tribes, chief of which were the Aragons, Vells, and Camerons. Consequently, the area came to be known as "The Land of the Three Tribes". The tribes generally were peaceful toward each other. Occasionally skirmishes would break out most always territory disputes or issues involving livestock or water supplies but these were usually easily resolved. Generally the tribes cooperated building roads connecting their lands, trading with each other and holding inter tribe sports events. Toward the end of the eighth century, the nomadic tribes that lived south of the mountain ranges attempted to migrate north into the land of the three tribes. Individually, the tribes defended themselves somewhat successfully but over time proved to be a losing battle as the invading nomads gradually pushed further north. In 803, O'Dell D'randal of the Vell tribe organized a unified militia and successfully pushed the invaders out over a period of about ten years. Out of this alliance came to be the Kingdom Of The Randals. O'Dell was crowned as the first king, ,henceforth known as Odell I. The capital was established at Wolftrap, in the Vell territory. It is the present day capital city Arborvell. By 850, many of the lesser tribes namely the Tarax who occupied the Northwest peninsula, and the Talen, who lived east of the Cameron in the desert areas, had joined the Kingdom. In 1856, King Roscoe the 13th decreed that a new constitution be drafted making the nation a republic. When the new constitution was adopted, King Roscoe abdicated the throne and National Guard Supreme Commander Yelbert Knott was selected as the first President. In 1860, President Knott was elected to a full 5-year term and subsequently re-elected twice more, serving until his death in 1873.



1. Coastal Lowlands - relatively flat, 30 - 50 miles in width,contains sandy beaches, pine forests, and marshes

2. Coastal Hills - several ranges of hills up to 1000 feet in elevation just inland from Coastal Plain

3. Northwest Plain - mostly flat and elevated with lightly forested rolling hills

4. Southwest Hills - Steep hills, heavily forested

5. Central Highlands and Valleys - area between Idyllwyld Highlands and Carraway Mountains

6. Eastern Prairies and Desert - East of Carraway Mountains

7. Mammoth Ranges - along southern border, mountains over 10000 feet in elevation

The main rivers are the Phrengal, Golasco, Trant, and Wheatstone. Randalia has many natural lakes including Lakes Estrell, Sander (Big Horn), Arizal, Helvetia, and Delphine

Lowest elevation is sea level, along the coast. Highest elevation is 3430 m (11250 ft.) at Mt. Titan.

See also Mountains in Randalia


See http://opengeofiction.net/wiki/index.php/User:Asparagus/Sandbox/CountryProfiles/Climate

Average Maximum/Minimum temps and Precipitation for Selected Cities
Location January Max/Min(F) January Max/Min(C) July Max/Min(F) July Max/Min(C) Avg Rain in/mm Avg Snow in/mm
Roscovina 91/75 33/24 62/45 17/7 49.8/1264 n/a
Arborvell 93/69 34/21 55/35 13/1.5 37/92.5 3/7.5
Mustang City 95/75 35/24 63/41 17/5 18/45 1/2.5
Altavera 90/77 32/25 69/54 21/12 50/1259 n/a
Longaker 89/71 32/22 52/34 11/1 50/1262 4.5/11.2
Arcadia 94/71 35/22 57/33 14/1 25/630 5.5/14.0

Koppen climate classifications according to geographic regions:

  • 1,2,4- Cfb
  • 3 - Cfa
  • 5 - Csa
  • 6 - BSh
  • 7 - Dfb

Government and Politics

The Constitution was amended 1928 limiting the President and Vice President to one six year term. Senators serve a maximum of two four year terms, and Deputies can serve a maximum of four two year terms.

Political Parties

The major political parties of Randalia are the Liberty Party, Constitution Party, and the Justice (formerly Law and Order) Party. The Liberty and Constitution Parties have dominated national politics while the Justice party has had most of its success at the local levels.


In every Presidential Election year, officials of each party meet at a designated location usually the last weekend in January to choose its nominee among current officeholders. State Governors, City Mayours, County Sheriffs. The Vice President is also considered. The election is held the second Thursday in April. The runners up at the party conferences are picked to be the Vice President candidates. There is no campaigning except for a three week period concluding one week before the election. The elected President and Vice President are sworn into office on July 1st and serve one six year term.

International Relations

Randalia is a founding member of the South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance (SWAEA). Randalia has diplomatic relation with other Archanta countries, specifically Neo Delta, Rots, and West Commonia. Plans for embassies in other countries are in the future.

Administrative Divisions

Randalia is divided into nine States/Provinces. Each State or Province is divided into counties.

Provinces of Randalia
State Abbreviation Largest City(Capital) Population (2015) Area (sq. mi.)[Sq. km.] Number of Counties
Phrengal PH Roscovina(Roscovina) 4,070,942 19,811 [51,325] 13
Beccaland BC Arborvell(Havare) 2,571,986 20,128 [52,146] 12
Laurenia LR Altavera(Centralis) 2,403,599 36,690 [95,052] 11
Cameron CM Mustang City(Mustang City) 2,440,792 44,339 [114,868] 8
Taraxas TX Pacifica(Cheyenna) 1,991,814 35,973 [93,193] 8
Exterra EX Longaker(Longaker) 1,959,622 38,706 [100,274] 7
Central Coast CC Forstier(Forstier) 1,078,217 10,272 [26,613] 7
Aragon AR Aragona(Aragona) 1,362,096 19,651 [50,910] 7
Midian MD Arcadia(Arcadia) 803,436 20,705 [53,640] 3


Business and Industry

Industries include but are not limited to electronics, automotive, farm machinery, textiles, food processing, and paper products. Tourism is also a major contributor to the economy.

Business, Retail and Manufacturing in Randalia


Randalia is home to many large and small farms and ranches. Corn,wheat, cotton and soybeans and produce are important agricultural products. Randalia is a leader in livestock production including cattle, sheep and goats. Citrus orchards are located in the subtropical regions mainly in the northwestern peninsula. Vineyards are located in the Trant Valley with the area around Springhaven being world renowned for its excellent wines. Randalia also has a significant commercial fishing industry.


Foreigners may travel freely throughout Randalia provided they are in possession of a valid passport issued by their home country. In lieu of a passport Astrasian citizens may purchase a Randpass from the Randalia Travel Bureau up to two weeks before arrival. The Randpass is valid up to one year from purchase.

Flights into Randalia arrive through the three international airports in Roscovina, Arborvell, and Mustang City. Connections to other cities are made via the domestic airline (Falcon Air) or Trailblazer Bus Line. In addition, a vehicle can be rented at any airport location

There are currently two highway connections from Unesia, C99 to Primary Route 50, and G95 to Route 116.


see List of cities in Randalia by population


Roads and highways are all paved and well maintained. The major cities and towns are connected by a system of primary roads. Secondary roads connect smaller cities and towns within each province and also connect the primary roads. Each province has a separate numbering system for the secondary roads. A network of motorways connects the largest cities. Major cities have extensive bus routes. Roscovina and Arborvell have light rail systems. The private automobile, however, remains the preferred mode of transportation for most Randalians. The national airline is Airandalia which provides both international and domestic service. The four largest cities have international airports. The airports of Roscovina airport and Arborvell also handle traffic outside of Archanta. Several regional airports are located throughout the country. The national passenger bus line is Trailblazer,which provides domestic service between all cities and some limited international service. See also Randalia Department of Transportation


Numbering System

Primary Routes connect the major cities and towns. Numbering is 1-99 for interstate routes. Primary routes contained entirely within a state are numbered 100-199.

Secondary Routes that connect primary routes are numbered 1 - 99 with the two letter state abbreviation (ex. CF24). Those that connect other secondary routes to primary routes are numbered 100 - 199 with two letter state abbreviation. Tertiary Routes connect Secondary Routes and also connect Secondary Routes to other Tertiary Routes. They are numbered 101-999 with two letter state abbreviation.

Motorways connect major cities. Numbered M1 - M9. Bypass routes that connect motorways are numbered M101- M999. The first digit is the number of the motorway at the north or west connecting end.

Trunk routes specifically connect motorways to primary or secondary routes. Trunk routes that connects a motorway to a primary route uses the secondary route numbering system. Those that connect motorways to secondary routes use the Tertiary Route numbering system.

see Roadways in Randalia

Example of Primary Road Sign
Example of Motorway Sign
Route EX30, Exterra, along Golasco River



There are three levels of airports , International, Regional , and County. The three International airports are located in Roscovina, Arborvell.and Mustang City,


The major nationwide provider of electric service is Randelec. Cities and counties rely on local companies for water, sewer, and gas service.

Sports and Recreation

The people of Randalia enjoy a variety of outdoor activities from spending summer weekends on the beach to snowskiing in the mountains in winter. Other popular activities include hiking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, hunting and fishing. Volleyball is the most popular participant sport. There are hundreds of amateur and recreational leagues and also a professional league. Gridiron Football is played at many levels and has become a very popular spectator sport. There is also a professional Baseball league.

Randalia Pro Volleyball League

Randalia League of Baseball (RLB)

Sunset at Lake Helvetia

National Parks

National Park/Nature Preserve Location (Province) Area in acres (sq. Km.)
Five Lakes National Park LR tbd
Mt. Titan National Park EX tbd
Golasco Valley Nature Preserve PH tbd
Cloverdell Glades National Park and Wildlife Preserve TX tbd
Lake Estrell Nature Reserve EX tbd
Lake Helvetia Valley National Park MD tbd
Golden Dunes National Park LR tbd
Green Point National Park LR tbd


Randalia has one of the world's highest literacy rates. Public education is free to all children through 12th grade. The University of Randalia was established in 1814 in Arborvell and over the next few decades satellite schools were located in several cities throughout the country. In the 1920's a network of provincial universities located central to each province was established, ensuring an institute of higher learning within easy reach of all citizens. There are also a number of private colleges and universities.

Higher Education

See Colleges and Universities in Randalia


Randalians are lovers of many types of arts, music and sports.



The predominant religion in Randalia is the OGF equivalent of Christianity.


Major Newspapers

  • Roscovina Herald
  • Arborvell Independent
  • Altavera Star
  • Mustang City Messenger
  • Longaker Lookout

Radio and Television

The main radio network is the state owned Randalia National Broadcasting (RNB) , founded in 1931. Stations are identified by the call signs RNB1, RNB2, RNB3, etc. There are a total of 24 stations.

Commercial radio and TV stations are identified by the call signs RGxx, RHxx, RKxx, RLxx, and RMxx, depending on the state they are located in.

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