Strait of Owneheym

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The Strait of Owneheym is a strait in the middle of Eshein and it connects the Darcodian Sea to the Gulf of Volta (Ardentic Ocean) and the largest city on it's coast is New Tyrrin, the capital city of Esheinflag.png Eshein.


The strait is named after the second king of Eshein, King Owneheym James Michael Halensk. The king was the son of the founder of Eshein, Queen Angela "The Founder". In 1871, a year after king Owneheym's death, his son, King James, Changed the name of the strait and named it after his father. The previous name of the strait was "Straut of Strard", after the previous name of New Tyrrin. Anfter the city name had been changed, the strait name stayed the same so king James decided it needs a new name as wall and name it after his father.


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