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Area 22,300,000 km2
Population 1,505,346,769
Number of countries 100
Demonym Tarephian

Tarephia is a continent south of Uletha. The continent is divided from Uletha only by the Strait of Abren (10 km wide). South of Terephia lays Antarephia. Here the smallest part of the dividing Strait of Lyc is only 55 km. East of Tarephia is the Central Ocean and behind the continent of Archanta.


Country names in Tarephia

Mountain Ranges

Bodies of Water


Old Political Map Of Tarephia


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List of countries

On Tarephia are situated the countries of

Country Capital km² Inhabitants Density Remarks
Abrilleron flag sketch 1.svg Abrilleron Akesia 3865 2350000 600
Alderon Stamford 402,673,385
Beaudry flag.png Beaudry Beaudry
Arciv Flag.png Arciv Carlisle (Mina)
Soyuq (former) Trost, formerly Mina Invaded by Arciv in 2014, currently pushed back into a small corridor in far southwestern Arciv is a province.
Balavalonia 867317.png Balavalonia Waeldstone 73,836,290
2band slovech.png Belgravia Slovech till 2014 part of 4band ukl.png Gran-Lusland
Flag Béliĉe.jpeg Belice Ĉarak-Cernon 12800 9,475,350 838.5/km²
2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia Campo Verde till 2014 part of 4band ukl.png Gran-Lusland
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande Valoris 32 000 12 000 000 375 hab / Km²
Conabaras.png Conabaras Nalassa 178,169 154,000 1.1 / km² Most of Conabaran territory is owned by tribes, and Conabaran Government owns only 13.8% of the area.
Compaglia Venere ~10 000
DentanFlag.png Denta Duntaba tbd tbd tbd
DogardlandFlag.jpg Dogardland Aangland 36200000
HProPpx.png Drevet Reback
Farax Flag.png Farax Monheil
FreedemianFlag.jpg Freedemia Quentinsburgh
Korromatania Flag.png Kurromatania Moslowt
Flag Of Hleziria.png Hleziria Ichiraku tbd tbd tbd
Latflag.png Latina Latina (Cidudad) 1,325,177 104,512,506 93 each km²
Template:Massentia Gensey 65,000  ?  ?
New omniville flag.svg Omniville Omniville City
2band lusland.png Luslandia Alcântara till 2014 part of 4band ukl.png Gran-Lusland
Flag Mallorjhe.png Mallorjhe Caencorde 4,800,000
Meilan flag.png Meilan Beishan (on Antarephia) 100,963 (1,355 on Tarephia) 37,728,000 (758,000 on Tarephia) Meilan is primarily located on the continent of Antarephia, but has one city in Tarephia.
FlagNATURE.png Nature Nature tbd 4,000,000 tbd tbd km²
FlagNarghana.jpg Narghana Narghana City 1,386,081.44 14,000,000 9.6 each km²
Retransita Communist City 923,000
ParoyFlag.png Paroy Coleraine 396,445 61,350,340 154.8 each km²
Picflag.png Picard Venecina 1,300,722 159,475,711 122.8 each km²
FLAGTARA.png Tara New Dublin 25,793 til 2011 a part of Latina
Template:Terwen Campech 36,293,023
Thulflag.png Thul Vlisdam 413,156 83,166,486 201 each km²
Flag of United Swahillian Emirates.pngUnited Swahillian Emirates Marineris 12,457,891 A previous travel land claimed by King Arthur Manzhu Jacob II of Swahillian Emirates in the 2009 war
Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Saviso
Flag of Yury.png Yury Můrem 1,061,705.15 168,279,743 155 each km²
Template:The Republic of Draco Draco DC 6,200,000 each km² Opened its borders on August 8th 2015.
Template:Nueva Shía Amelia
Promissão Porto Providência 9,389.98 each km²
Flagge von Unglend.png Ünglend Dönland 108,645 16,000,000 each km² Communist from 1959 to 1989
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