The Unspeakable Distance of the Stars

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The Unspeakable Distance of the Stars
Original theatrical poster
Film StudioCapsicum Studios
GenreSci-fi comedy-drama
DirectorHermia Vance Gibbons
ProducerKaren Whelker/Abby Lewes
Based onThe novel Light Yearbook by Briony Cartwright
StarringLucette Harms, Halvard Scholfield, Matilda Warner
Production companyCapsicum Studios
PremièreApril 2, 2016
Release dateApril 12, 2016
CountryWiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia
BudgetUS$22 million
GrossUS$306 million

The Unspeakble Distance of the Stars is a 2016 science fiction comedy-drama based loosely on the novel Light Yearbook by Briony Cartwright. The film stars Halvard Scholfield as Second-Lieutenant Steve Graydon of the spaceship Corydon under the command of Lucette Harms as Captain Elsa DeMeyer, with Matilda Warner in the supporting role of second-in-command Colonel Liza Lipscomb.


On a hopeless quest to find a habitable planet following a nuclear holocaust, Second-Lieutenant Steve Graydon of the spaceship Corydon falls in love with his oblivious superior, Captain Elsa DeMeyer, to the amusement of second-in-command Colonel Liza Lipscomb, who makes Graydon's life miserable. Hilarity ensues before true love wins out. Then the Corydon crash lands on the planet Skelter, killing all but Graydon, DeMeyer and Lipscomb who are enslaved by the ectoplasmic inhabitants until Graydon saves them by pretending to seduce the ectoplasmic leader who lets them free, which gains him Lipscomb's respect at last, while DeMeyer manages to get the Corydon back up and running. The movie ends with Graydon adoringly watching DeMeyer as she pilots them to an unknown future.





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