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Hi, friends! My complete name is Bruno Moreira de Souza. But you can call me only Bruno!

Basically, I am:

- Proud to be from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

- Happy owner of a VW Fusca 1975, my first and only car, a car 10 years older than me. (Happy, even crashed sometimes, but always spending my poor money to put it beautiful again.) OK, OK, OK... since 2017 February, this car came back to my father. But it will be mine some day again. Anyway, this Fusca is yet in the family, hehehe. Well, by now... I am a happy owner of a "totally black" VW Bora 2001, hahaha! (yes, I ever got dreams with this car. All black - the body, but also the windows. Looks like I am from Mafia, hehehe!). Soon, a project to this car. DUB (18 inch wheels) or Euro Style (18 inch wheels, roof rack, yellow tint in the headlights, etc)??

- So much happy with my wife, Vanice.

- Fanatic fan of Fluminense Football Club. (NEEEENSEEEE!!!! NEEEENSEEEE!!!!)

- Off-shore worker. A half of a month, or more :-( , away from home, in the middle of the sea...

- Busólogo (a guy who likes buses. I dont know about the rest of the world, but in Brasil, there are a lot of people like me, hehehe).

- Street-paper-maps collector (mainly brasilian maps, actually)

- Music to me? U2, Pearl Jam, Black Stone Cherry, Rammstein, Legião Urbana, etc. Various styles of rock and metal. No problem about pop, hip-hop, etc, except I hate funk, here from Rio de Janeiro, hehehe.

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Work in Progress

Map Notes

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Itabi, ITB, Flag itc1.png Cariocas
  • Not so much time to OGF, and maybe I will be some days, or even weeks, with no edits...
  • I was/ I am detailing Itabi city: Re-creating the streets, imagining bus routes, set so much buildings and landcover as possible (and reallistic, obviously), sketching a wiki article in NotePad...
  • Following a reallistic line, there will be not so much bus routes here, hehehe.
  • There will be something like an "old town" in downtown. But I still no have idea about a "good" old town here.  :-(
  • Also trying to create a topo map. Is not a easy task - I want to create the most reallistic (third time I wrote this word) as possible.
  • Anyway, Itabi island looks bigger than really is, when I edit its topo map. And it is so far to be ready...
  • Maybe the topo map should be the last thing to create in this island - only after creating all the landcover, be it urban or rural.

To read older posts, please visit my bliki!

My Countries

Country What would be
Flag itc1.png Cariocas A utopia of a mini-Brasil where the european settlers (brasonians) did not have so strong presence in the country development, being mainly by the indigenous people.
2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia Something like "real" Brasil, I could say...
2band slovech.png Belgravia My "european" country. More slavic than latin or germanic.
Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya My project about a poor country facing political tensions with a neighbor.

(The name was inspired in the nickname of a football derby in a city close the town I live. Goytacaz vs. Americano = "Goita-Cano")

This project started after Rasmus Rasmusson ask in the diaries about poor countries, and I talked with Isleño about it too. Goytakanya`s economy is most based in agriculture, and the country has problems with Mafia, etc...

2band lusland.png Luslandia Would I define it as "my Portugal" or "my south Florescenta"?? hehehe. I still need to work on this country. Currently, my backup-land to the cities and town maps from Cariocas I will delete from the islands but I like so much to delete from OGF, hehe.

My Cities

Away from my countries, I still edit in:

4band buques.pngBuques, DS map, (Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere): - a Goytakano settlement in Ardisphere.

3band rugenia.pngRugenia, RG map, (Midistland national flag.png Midistland): - the main city in Midistland east coast.

5band gilagonas.pngGilagonas, GS map, (FLAGMECY.png Mecyna): - the main city in Mecyna northwest coast

My Sandboxes