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Hello, I am Mstr. Contact me via my OGF inbox.

My edits


My first country Mergany Flag.png Mergany is located in eastern Uletha. Mergany is a highly developed nation exhibiting one of the world's largest economies in the sector of high technology. If you like to see industrial areas you are welcome there!


The second country, Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni is also located in eastern Uletha. It's a small and sovereign city-state and might be one of the capital cities of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies. Therefore, it is a collaborative project.

On other territories

Some of my edits are outside of my territory (of course I have asked for permission or have been invited). You can see some notable examples in this table:

Notable places

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Pliar sportswear factory in Mynninghamn, Østermark

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Pliar sportswear factory in Dolala, Commonia

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Mergodin School of Economics and Engineering in Twenty Palms, Demacia

Mergan showcase

My intention is not only to develop my own country, I'm also very interested in collaboration and want to share stories, technologies, ideas, ... around the world. To give you some idea with what kind of mapping I can contribute your country I opened the Mergan showcase.

Mergan model building area

Mergan model building area

Overview of important pages

Links of notable places

Sandbox place of notable places in Mergany that should be linked in the wiki.

Multinational aircraft production

Developing and producing highly developed aircrafts is extremely expensive, too expensive for a single country. With the foundation of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies I see the chance to establish a new multinational aircraft manufacturer, similar to Airbus in the real world.

Portal for Science and Technology

Mstr Sandbox/Portal:Science and Technology

Geolympic Summer Games 1988

1988 Summer Geolympiad (Pancontinental Games)
Host city Bad Stanncatt,
Mergany Flag.png Mergany
Geolympiad Stadium Geolympiad Stadium map

I plan to apply for the Geolympic Summer Games 1988: Bad Stanncatt 1988 Summer Geolympiad Proposal. At the moment not everything is done, especially the city and the infrastructure need more details to be accepted. In addition to the games (buildings, venues and a list of all sporting events) I plan to simulate the results.

My idea to simulate all events in a few words: I think to host a Geolympic event is a great reward. In the same way, having successful athletes is a honour for a country and should not be randomly or decided by the "first come, first serve"-principle as it is done at the moment. Therefore the simulation of these events is part of my proposal. How it works?

Do you know the card game Top Trumps? It will be a basic ingredient of the simulation.

First think of two countries, both have the same number of mapped sporting facilities and the same level regarding wiki-articles, which is one important fact. So both countries are allowed to decide how to distribute the same number of points in some sport-related categories on the card. Small and undeveloped countries have less points, large high developed countries have more points.

In the sport event cards of countries are compared to each other. Which categories are compared depends on outside influences, is to some extent randomly chosen and also depends on the opponents. So all have the chance to win, however high effort in mapping and writing yield better chances :) One positive secondary effect would be that also unpopular sports (-> all sports except soccer and racing) are developed in OGF!

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Administrative divisions in Mergany

Administrative divisions in Mergany
Level 2 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 8
Mergany Flag.png Mergany Brugham Flag.png Brugham
Bürttemwerg Flag.png Bürttemwerg Mergany unknown.png Bad Stanncatt
Holswig Flag.png Holswig
Mergany unknown.png Fiorentia
Fralzland Flag.png Fralzland
Mergany unknown.png Johannastat
Rüthingen Flag.png Rüthingen
Scherssennied Flag.png Scherssennied
Stefalen Flag.png Stefalen Mergany unknown.png Glecoon
Vocklenburg Flag.png Vocklenburg Mergany unknown.png Werschin
Yabern Flag.png Yabern Mergany unknown.png Chünmen

Sport in Mergany


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Editing stuff for Mergany (and anybody else)

List of Mergan names

Common names for general use

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Politicians names

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Sportspeople names

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Map markers

link to all uploaded map markers


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Still to do

  • Purasmaa relation 65643
  • Ruohoantra relation 65644

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