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The Encyclopedia of the fictional world of Opengeofiction
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About the wiki and Announcements

The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

New users receive a wiki account when they are assigned a territory. Other users may contact admin for an account. Before adding to the wiki, however, please read the guidelines and develop some significant mapping first. Post here if you have any wiki questions.

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Featured Wiki Article

Jemima Winterstreet in 1937.

Jemima Winterstreet (1895-1969) was Prime Minister of Wiwaxia from 1936-1944 and 1952-1956. She was Wiwaxia's most influential prime minister, with many major reforms undertaken during her tenure.

Jemima Broomfield Winterstreet was born in 1895 to Gertrude Winterstreet, a lawyer and Alfred Broomfield. She grew up in the Old Bretton neighborhood of Fanshawe in a house that had long been in the Winterstreet family, on Magenta Street between the Cathedral and the Market Square. Though not members of the titled class, the Winterstreets were well-to-do. She attended the Villette School where her intelligence and judgement were noted - and praised - early on. When she was only 16 years old, she won a scholarship to Royal Wiwax University, and she took her exams two years early and moved to Wiwaxmouthe, where she lived with her aunt, Eliza Broomfield.

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Did you know...

  • ... that Ingerland has never won the OGFIFA World Cup?
  • ... that Saiku is a brewery and one of the most popular brands of beer ) in Karolia and that the original variety is exported around the world and today it is the brand of beer most associated with Karolia.
  • ... that the Nahuwa Atoll, a possession of the Kingdom of Onnutu, is located 1000 km away from the nearest piece of land?
  • ... that Duke Beglidere is known as the "Father of Pretany"?
  • ... that Khaiwoon's national bird, the wepphu (pictured), is closely related to the chicken?

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A long chain of cities and towns in Brocéliande, by Tparigo

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Kadmar colony map.jpg

Spetacular antique map of Kadmar by Newflanders.


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