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"Hic abundant prosperitas"
Here prosperity abounds
and largest city
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
 • MonarchGeoffrey VII
 • Lieutenant governorSir Roy Silvers
 • PremierSarah Tanner (Liberal)
LegislatureParliament of Cambria
 • Upper houseProvincial Council
 • Lower houseProvincial Assembly
 • Total41,665 km2
26,041 sq mi
 • Estimate (2021)5,404,400
 • Census (2017)5,142,803
 • Density123.43/km2
77.14/sq mi
Not to be confused with the Cambrian Union.

Cambria (Sandrin: Cairaha) is a province on the north coast of Vodeo. It borders Avalon to the north-west, Prihor to the west, and Havilland to the south, and has a coastline with the Sea of Uthyra on its east side.

Cambria has a population of around 5.4 million, more than half of which live in the capital and largest city, Holme; otherother main centres include Brynderwyn, Crafers, Culwawa, Longlac, Marazan, and Tindalls Bay. It is Vodeo's smallest province with an area of 41,665 km2 (26,041 sq mi) and the most densely populated (123/km2).

Prior to Ulethan settlement, the area now constituting Cambria was home to a number of native Sandrin tribes. In 1498 Castellanese settlers arrived and established the colony of Nuevo Taredo, mostly located in modern-day Avalon but with a few small outposts along the southern shore of the Bay of Longlac; the colony was abandoned following the a tribal uprising in 1505. In 1594 Rhysiogan settlers fleeing religious tensions arrived at Brynderwyn and established the colony of New Cambria. In 1616 the colony was acquired by Ingerland, and through the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries developed to become one of Ingerland's most important colonies. In 1839 the colony was one of the first in the Ingerish Empire to be granted responsible self-government, and in 1849 it merged with St Austell to form the Dominion of Vodeo.


The Castellanese were the first Ulethans to chart the Cambrian coast in December 1489. Colonisation began in 1498, and while settlement was focused predominantly on the New Taredo Peninsula, a handful of farmsteads were established around what is today the city of Longlac. These were abandoned following the Tribes' Uprising in February 1505, which saw Castellan abandon its colonisation efforts in the region.

The arrival of the first 144 Rhysiogan settlers at Brynderwyn in 1594 is generally considered to be the start of more organised colonisation in Cambria. Between 1594 and 1616, around 4,000 Tircambrian settlers arrived in the New Cambria colony, with the extent of Cambrian settlement expanding far as the Streigh River in the north, Coior in the south, and as far inland as modern-day Caharan by 1616. Despite the establishment of small plantations, the colony cost far more to maintain than it brought back, saddling an already deeply-indebted Rhysiog with an economic burden it was unable to manage. In 1615 Rhysiog agreed to sell the colony to Ingerland for 40,000 thalers.

After its transfer to Ingerish control, Cambria saw a rapid economic and demographic expansion. Brynderwyn became one of the most important ports on the Sea of Uthyra, with its strategic location at the mouth of the Rabe serving it well as a trading hub. During the Ingerish Civil War, the Cambrian coast became a safe for the many pirates of the Uthrya.


Cambria can be geographically divided into four regions: the rolling hill country of the west, the central river plains, and the more rugged areas of the Colony Coast and Pentland.

Cambria is one of three provinces, alongside Havilland and Prihor, to straddle the equator, which passes through the far south of the province. The equator forms part of the border with Havilland between the Stately and Halls Rivers, and passes through the city of Culwawa and just to the north of the town of Coior. The village of Par is located where the equator meets the 30th degree of longitude east.

Cambria is bisected almost evenly by the River Rabe, Vodeo's longest river, which drains around half of Vodeo's entire land area into the Sea of Uthyra at Brynderwyn. Other major waterways include the Corm, Garden, Halls, Pralack, and Stately rivers. The province's largest lake, Lake Cornotorina, is located west of Holme.