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Achtung.svg Information on this page may be outdated.

The Aterrizajes "blue" territory has recently relocated out of Deodeca and is now located in AR050-02. This page will be updated soon. --TheMayor (talk) 15:42, 28 March 2022 (UTC)

The state of Aterrizajes is a open collaborative state in Deodeca. Like other "blue" territories in OpenGeofiction, all mappers are welcome to edit in the state; however, unlike some other blue territories, there are some restrictions as to what can or cannot be mapped:

  • Mapping should be consistent with the basic rules set out to all of Deodeca (a first world version of latin-america mapped mainly in Spanish/"Castellan" with influences of French/"Franquese" and English/"Ingerish").
  • New motorways are not permitted, and edits to existing motorways should be only to add detail.
  • Any new primary road must have permission from the appropriate regional coordinator. Edits to current primaries should only be to add detail.
  • New railways are not permitted except short spurs, yards, crossovers, and double-tracking existing railways. Edits to existing railways should be only to add detail. New passenger stations must have permission from a state coordinator.
  • New cities with a population over 100,000 are not allowed; new cities with a population of 50,000-100,000 must have permission from a state coordinator.
  • Existing waterways should not be edited except to add detail. (Adding smaller rivers, streams, etc. is permitted and encouraged provided the overall drainage patterns of the state are not affected.)

The project's coordinator is tasked with maintaining the state with these standards and may edit or remove mapping that does not conform.

Coordinating Regions

Aterrizajes will be split up into 6 regions, administrated the territory's coordinator. The coordinator may delete and alter all mapping in the state in order to keep consistency. For example, a motorway in the shape of a pentagon would be deleted, whereas a motorway spurring off of one of the main motorways would be downgraded to a primary or secondary road. The coordinator will seek to collaborate with and advise/communicate with mappers in the state as needed.

The regions are as follows:

  • Capital City and Metropolitan Region (1)
  • Gomez (2)
  • Gran Sierra & Lagos (3)
  • Bendito Valle (4)
  • Picos de Fuego (5)
  • Trituradoras (6)

The current coordinator of Aterrizajes is Davieerr.

General Plans

The state has mountains in the middle and west, which are reminiscent of Cascadia. These mountains decline into plains, which are covered in farms and woodlands. Capital City is the beating heart of the state, and Deodeca, being the most important cultural center of the country. The density of the state is medium-high/high outside of capital city, with the other major city outside of the capital metropolitan region being Bocadura, a portuary city in the mouth of Deodeca's biggest river. In terms of Hydrology the main river is the @@RIVER@@, which flows through the eastern half of the state, and is fed by tributaries from the mountains. Other rivers in the west mainly feed into the @@RIVER@@. Capital City is located in the mouth of a smaller navegable river.

Aterrizajes Map

Towns And Counties

Major cities to be decided.

Capital City

Being the Capital of the country, its status also depends on the decision of the deodecan comitte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I map lots of motorways?

We want to avoid the state becoming a mess of motorways, and motorways are not needed to map well and to enjoy mapping. We appreciate detailing of the existing motorways in Aterrizajes, but not the creation of tons of motorways around a rural town.

Why can't I create a huge city?

If we let everyone map huge cities, the state would become unrealistic. If you want to map in a big city, feel free to work in Capital City (when opened) or Bocadura, and if you want to work on a medium sized city you can work in one of the regional large cities. If you really think you have a realistic and viable plan for a large city, contact the appropriate coordinator.

There's some bad mapping near me, am I allowed to delete it?

The coordinators will attempt to alter, move or delete mapping that does not conform to the rules, but if we've missed something and you want to deal with it, feel free to do so. However, please follow our etiquette for mapping in blue territories. In particular, do not delete mapping, especially if there is a mapper is still working in the area. In general, mapping should be improved and altered, not deleted.

How did you come up with the name "Aterrizajes"?

The name Aterrizajes comes from the Spanish for Landing, signifing the landing of Castellan explorers on the coast..

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact the coordinator at any time! We're happy to help.