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Symbol important note.svg Important technical notes to users
The state of Seneppi is no longer open to new mappers and will soon be closing as a collaborative state. The state coordinators appreciate the work of mappers who have been involved in the project.

Mappers who are interested in a Midwestern-style collaborative FSA state should consider joining the West Massodeya project instead.

The state of Seneppi, which encompasses the previous collaborative state of Walkegan and the old state of Seneppi north of Personsboro, is a closed-collaborative state located between Minnonigan, Nishowigan, Aquilia, and Oronotia in the West Lakes portion of the Federal States. The state is inspired by several states in the Midwestern United States, with a mix of industrial, suburban, and natural land uses along the shore of Lake Sauganash and the major Wallawaukee metropolitan area in the southeast, while much of the rest of the state is largely agricultural with a few smaller cities located along rivers and transportation corridors. The topography is mostly flat throughout the state.


The coordinators of the Seneppi collaborative are Ernestpcosby and TheMayor. As a closed collaborative, all requests to map in Seneppi, including in the city of Wallawaukee, must go through the coordinators. While the coordinators act as a team to oversee the development of the state, certain areas of the state have one particular lead coordinator that interested mappers should reach out to for more information about joining different parts of the project.


Seneppi is mapped in a contemporary style (i.e., non-historic mapping). Unique to the northern part of the collaborative state is the land allocation process: the state is divided into townships, which are each 36 square miles (6 miles x 6 miles); interested mappers can request contiguous groups of townships to develop and map as a single county. Larger urban areas and other areas of importance are intended to be collaborative, where multiple mappers can work together to create Seneppi's major cities.

State Plan

Context regions of the state of Seneppi

The state of Seneppi represents the FSA project's Midwestern-themed collaborative state, and as such there are a variety of geographies and cultures envisioned for the state. Seneppi is centrally located in the West Lakes region of the Federal States with a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas. Northern Seneppi is dominated by rolling hills and flat farmland, while the southern portion of the state is more urbanized with more modern cosmopolitan areas such as the city of Wallawaukee as well as some more Rust Belt-type cities like Gramercy and Clinton.

Interested mappers can participate in one of the collaborative regions detailed in this section, or they can build their own county using the township system (see below).


Wallawaukee is a historic center of the region and remains one of the largest cities in the West Lakes region and the FSA as a whole, situated around a major port on the largest of the Grand Lakes and in between the two strategic waterways of the Akogama River (which flows from the north and is navigable as far north as Clamash) and the Seneppi Canal (which connects Lake Sauganash with the largest Grand Lake via Personsboro). Wallawaukee has maintained a historic rivalry with the younger, similarly-sized city of Lake City to the west that dates back to the opening of Minnonigan's Ondassagam Waterway inland canal network, which created a "bypass" for waterborne freight and goods using the Akogama River to access Lake Sauganash and Lake Amanecer without passing through the Wallawaukee area.

Wallawaukee is a major FSA city, which includes a robust transit network, two airports, the hub of Seneppi's passenger rail network (including the LakeLynx high-speed rail line to Lake City, MN and San Alonzo, WJ), and sprawling suburbs and exurbs. FS-20 and FS-81 are the primary motorways through the metropolitan area. Interested mappers should contact Ernestpcosby for more information on participating in mapping Wallawaukee.

The Canal

The Seneppi Canal, along with the Persons River, comprise one of the older-developed areas of the state. This strategic waterway links the largest Grand Lake to Lake Sauganash, with several smaller cities dotted along the canal. Like the Gramercy-Clinton corridor to the northwest, this area will likely be part of the FSA's Rust Belt, with smaller, older urban cores and major manufacturing facilities in various stages of disinvestment.


The cities of Gramercy and Clinton will likely be the center of the FSA's Rust Belt, two declining manufacturing-focused cities that once served as the FSA's hub of automobile manufacturing industry before auto manufacturing was largely outsourced to other nations or other parts of the Federal States. While the two cities are still significant industrial centers in the region including the headquarters of the Gramercy-Clinton Motors corporation, the area is largely past its prime and is showing various signs of urban distress such as brownfields. Located along FS-20, parts of this area may have signs of a small renaissance as the cities reinvent themselves as Wallawaukee exurbs.

North Shore

Similar to the Gramercy-Clinton corridor, the North Shore is another Rust Belt-style industrialized area along the northern shore of Lake Sauganash; unlike Gramercy-Clinton, however, the area is more economically tied to the Lake City region rather than Wallawaukee. While the North Shore also has depressed industrial sites, the area also has numerous bedroom communities to serve commuters to and from Lake City. This sub-region will have various different mapping types: heavy industry along the lakeshore; suburban sprawl further inland; and natural mapping on the two large islands in Lake Sauganash. (The existing city of Miller will be downsized to a population of 50-100k and should be considered a Lake City exurb rather than a significant city in its own right.)

The "big island" is intended to be a candidate for a National Park; interested mappers should contact TheMayor for more information.

Lake City Suburbs

This region represents major sprawl from Lake City spilling over into the state of Seneppi. While there will be a few older smaller communities along the rail lines radiating out of Lake City, this area will be predominantly auto-oriented sprawl suburban and exurban development following the (currently unmapped) FS-24 and the modern FS-989 beltway, consuming farmland and churning out subdivisions, strip malls, and cul-de-sacs.

Once a more formal plan for the major infrastructure of this region is created, it is anticipated that mappers will be able to adopt their own suburb to develop as they see fit. Contact TheMayor for more information regarding claiming a suburb in this area.

Finch Hill

Finch Hill is the (new) capital of the state of Seneppi, expected to be a relatively modest, somewhat centrally-planned city that will also be the home of a major state university. Notably, Finch Hill will be one of the few FSA state capitals that is not located along an FS motorway, being served by the state's network of trunk highways instead.

The coordinators are currently taking applications to choose the mapper of Finch Hill. If you have a plan for a state capital, please contact the coordinators for more information. (We will try to accommodate as many non-chosen city plans elsewhere in Seneppi, likely as county seats.)


Gleason, in the far northwestern corner of the state, is a regional center situated along the river that creates the borders between Seneppi, Minnonigan, and Aquilia. While Gleason was historically a major city for waterborne freight moving through the inland waterways of the region, its importance as a transportation hub have diminished, although the city remains an important regional hub with major hospitals and universities in an otherwise-rural part of the FSA. The city is served by both FS-30 and FS-89 and has a target population of 100-250k.

West Mennonia

"West Mennonia" is not a city as much as the spillover suburban sprawl from Mennonia, OT over the Akogama River and into northeastern Seneppi. The overall region in this area is anticipated to become a multi-centric "tri-state" suburban area that connects parts of Seneppi, Aquilia, and Oronotia; as such, mappers working in this area will be expected to not only coordinate efforts with the Seneppi project coordinators but also with the stateowners of Aquilia and Oronotia.


In all other areas of the state (and in some cases within the areas listed above), mappers can request their own rural counties, composed of several contiguous townships. All parts of Seneppi in the former state of Walkegan have been surveyed with an American-style PLSS grid survey, with 6 mile x 6 mile townships delineated and identified with unique relations. Mappers are encouraged to request up to 9 contiguous townships which can be used to create a county. While township boundaries can (and should) be changed to reflect natural features such as rivers and streams, please do not move or delete any parts of the existing survey grid.

In the diagram above, the West Rural area is expected to be extremely flat (except further north, where there will be more hills), with a heavy focus on large-scale crop farming (corn, soybeans, etc.) Mappers interested in the West Rural area should contact TheMayor for more information. The Northeast Rural area will be hillier and more impacted by the river valleys of the Akogama and the northern river; these areas will likely lend themselves to more extraction-oriented rural uses, such as mining or forestry. The Southeast Rural area, which is the largest of the three rural regions, is expected to be a mix of the Northeast and the West, with plenty of variation based on the interests of mappers who request counties in this area of the map. For both the Northeast and Southeast Rural areas, interested mappers should contact Ernestpcosby for details.

Claimed Areas

Claimed Counties
County Name Mapper Notes
Autumn County User:AnimationSky
Bradson County User:Lithium
Christopher County User:infinatious Lake City suburbs and exurbs, agricultural area
Keawan County User:snoozingnewt

State Highways

State highway plan (red = motorways; orange = trunk/primary; gold = secondary

We are currently working on creating a state highway plan for Seneppi. Here are existing state highways as mapped. Seneppi mappers are welcome to extend any existing state routes, but we ask to not add any new numbers to this list until a larger statewide plan is completed. State routes should be tagged as "SN xx", although most routes in the former state of Walkegan are tagged without a leading label. (In the list below, these are generally identified as Walkegan "WK" zone highways.)

This list does not include county roads (CR xx) or rural roads (R xxx), which can still be used and assigned as needed per county.

Existing State Highway System
Route Zone Destinations Notes
2 WK Stub
4 WK Hallisford to Trenchent
5 WK Louise to Carnaby
6 WK FS-989 to unknown
7 SN Miraun/NI state line to Wallawaukee
7 WK Stub; will be renumbered or removed
8 SN Clinton to Trenchent
8 WK Lych/MN state line to SN 16 Discontinuous; to be merged with SN 16
13 SN Otter Creek to Cheyelle via Wallawaukee
16 SN Wallawaukee to WK 8 to be merged with WK 8
18 SN Ellenwood to Arbor Rapids
20 FS MN state line to OT state line FS motorway
23 SN Personsboro/NI state line to Wallawaukee
24 FS MN state line to OT state line FS motorway
28 SN Downtown Miraun
29 SN Gramercy to Rivard
30 FS MN state line to OT state line FS motorway (planned)
33 SN Personsboro/NI state line to Pike via Wallawaukee; discontinuous
35 SN Covenshaw to Cheyelle concurrency with FS-81
38 SN Joward/NI state line to Ashewick
40 WK Suburban Miller to Rivard
41 WK Lych to FS-20 will likely be extended along MN state line to Gleason
49 WK Carver to unknown
53 SN NI state line to Miraun
72 SN Clinton to West Gramercy
76 SN Trenchent to unknown
77 WK Louise to Lester City
79 WK Bryan City to Winterpark
81 FS NI state line to OT state line FS motorway
84 WK Louise to Sunrise Lake
85 FS Miller area to be removed
92 SN Joward to Gwenisport
93 WK Downtown Miller
120 SN Lowery to Miraun
124 FS FS-24 to Miller FS motorway (planned)
124 WK Haven City to be removed and consolidated with other island routes
129 SN Suburban Gramercy
129 WK Haven City to be removed and consolidated with other island routes
136 WK Winterpark to unknown
143 WK Haven City to be consolidated with other island routes
164 WK Dell to Tobias
168 WK Dell
170 SN Wallawaukee to Brighston
191 WK Tobias to WK 8
193 WK Stub
200 WK Brown Park to Katsnelson
217 WK Sunrise Lake to Brown Park
219 SN Bookerton to Abstead
220 FS Wallawaukee beltway FS motorway
224 SN Prosperity to Forson
244 WK Miller to Katsnelson
246 SN Shannonaw to Trenchent
247 WK MN state line to WK 6
254 WK Ellenwood to Winterpark
270 SN Hurston to Itigweyya
274 WK Independence
281 FS Wallawaukee beltway FS motorway; to be removed (runs entirely concurrent with FS-220)
309 WK Haven City to be consolidated with other island routes
317 WK Suburban Miller
320 SN Foley-Fillmore airport to FS-20
320 WK Beltridge to unknown to be renumbered or removed
322 WK Barton to Sunrise Lake
323 SN Suburban Personsboro
324 WK Carver to OT state line
331 WK Suburban Miller
339 WK Suburban Louise
340 WK Miller
347 WK Beltridge to Winterport
350 SN Mashkode to Rachelle
350 WK Suburban Katsnelson to be removed or renumbered
371 WK Suburban Pike discontinuous
375 WK stub
414 WK Shreevesport/OT state line to FS-20
414A WK Spur of 414 to be removed or renumbered
415 WK Downtown Miller
420 SN Personsboro to Madelon
450 SN Wallawaukee to Hallisford
471 WK Suburban Winterpark
491 WK Downtown Miller
517 WK West Gramercy to FS-20
523 SN Suburban Leonard
550 WK Katsnelson State Park stub
562 WK Shreevesport/OT state line to FS-20
562 WK spur of 562 to be removed or renumbered
566 WK stub
593 SN NI state line to SN 92
620 SN Downtown Clinton
620 FS Downtown Miller FS motorway, to be removed or renumbered
660 WK Bryan City to Pike discontinuous
817 WK Carver to Pike
846 WK Sunrise Lake
853 WK Winterpark to unknown
873 WK stub
930 FS MN state line to FS-89 FS motorway (planned; will connect SN 50 to FS-30 via Minnonigan)
989 FS MN state line to FS-20 FS motorway (planned)
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