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This page is a listing of unofficial regional coordination groups of the Federal States of Archanta.


Coordination among stateowners is a crucial part to the success of the FSA; additionally, many mappers also enjoy a more social aspect to coordination, which encourages more frequent mapping activity and higher-quality mapping. These groups are entirely unofficial and optional, and exist outside the official coordination structure of the AR120 project. Stateowners may join multiple groups, as applicable.


While these groups are not officially part of the FSA coordination structure, there are some basic rules and guidelines that regional coordination groups should follow and adhere to.

  • All OGF and FSA rules must be followed. Regional coordination groups should not support or encourage any mapping or wikification that violates the existing rules of the site and of the AR120 project.
  • Groups are advisory in nature. While the point of these groups is to create regionally-coordinated mapping strategies, no stateowner or group should "mandate" any mapping in any state(s) outside of their own. The final decision for any mapping in any state remains that of the stateowner.
  • Groups should have a limited geographic focus and be directly related to mapping issues. A good rule-of-thumb is to maintain a contiguous connection between members' states.
  • Groups should not be exclusionary, with the exception of logical geography-based constraints. Any stateowner who satisfies the basic geographic criteria of the group should be welcome to join (or leave) at any time.
  • While groups are welcome to organize however they choose, there should be a contact person for each group listed below to allow interested mappers to participate in the group, or to represent the group to other groups as needed.
  • Groups are permitted to allow "observer" states, where a stateowner may not qualify for full group membership but in the interest of interstate coordination it is beneficial for said state to participate in coordination conversations.
  • Groups may have an "in-world" presence or may be entirely offline/non-canon.
  • Groups should encourage productivity and activity. Groups that distract from, discourage, or otherwise prevent productive mapping and coordination may be reorganized or shut down by the admin team.
  • Groups should be allowed to operate autonomously without interference from any other group or the FSA Coordinator provided no OGF/FSA rules are being broken.
  • With permission of the FSA Coordinator, regional coordination groups can request permission from the FSA Coordinator to add some basic rudimentary mapping to vacant states in each group's area to maintain regional continuity in accordance with agreed upon regional plans. The FSA Coordinator will review each request on an case-by-case basis. Groups are not permitted to map in vacant states without permission from the FSA Coordinator.
  • In the event of any conflicts, regional coordination efforts must defer to national coordination projects and programs.
  • The admin team has the final say in any disputes, conflicts, or other significant issues.


Group Focus Area Wiki Participating States Non-Participating States Vacant States Observer States Contact Medium Notes
West Lakes Western Lakes and southern West Central regions Collab:Federal States/West Lakes Compact Template:Iroquesia
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan
FlagTennewa.png Tennewa
ClamashFlag.png Clamash
Mennowa Flag revised.svg Mennowa
Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska
New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos
TheMayor Discord, Google Sheets
Southeast Southeastern region Southeast Compact Template:Fellshire
Unknown Flag.png New Carnaby
Penquisset Flag.jpg Penquisset
Other states of the region may join Fluffr_Nuttr No Discord
The West Northwest, Heartland Alcortez
Alormen Flag.jpg Alormen
Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland
ClamashFlag.png Clamash
New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos
Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra
Tempache flag.png Tempache
Aquilia, Osaquoya,Tejoma Mennowa Flag revised.svg Mennowa
FlagTennewa.png Tennewa
iiEarth or ruadh Discord, Google Sheets

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