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The West Lakes Compact is a group of states in the southwestern Federal States of Archanta that frequently coordinate on interstate issues to help guide regional urban development, transportation priorities, water quality issues, and tourism promotion, among other areas of interest.

Member States

The West Lakes Compact (WLC) was organized by the state governments of Aquilia, Minnonigan, Seneppi, and Wahauja in April 2020, followed shortly thereafter by the state governments of Tennewa, Oronotia, and Nishowigan. Together, these state governments develop regional plans to help identify regional priorities and to guide balanced development throughout the far southwestern Federal States.

Plans and initiatives developed by the Compact are in no way binding; both compact and non-signatory states within the West Lakes area are encouraged -- but in no way required -- to comply with Compact initiatives. All states in the West Lakes area are invited to participate in Compact meetings and initiatives, including non-signatories.

Observer States

While full membership in the West Lakes Compact is limited to the seven states in the West Lakes geographic area, other states and nations that border Compact members can request to be a part of the Compact as observer states. Observer states are regularly consulted on projects with potential impacts to their states or nations to help ensure WLC initiatives complement, or at least do not conflict with, neighboring regional plans.

Clamash, Mennowa, Makaska, and Riopoderos are observer states and regularly participate in West Lakes Compact discussions.


River Basin Identification and Protection

The first major initiative of the West Lakes Compact was the River Basin Identification and Protection plan, which attempts to identify and delineate the major river basins throughout the West Lakes area to better understand regional hydrology issues and aid in sustainable local land-use planning efforts. Work on this initiative continues.

Freight Transportation Plan

The West Lakes Compact also created a basic plan for freight transportation throughout the West Lakes, which includes further development of the Federal States Motorway system and identification of priority rail freight corridors to link major cities and agricultural regions to markets throughout the Federal States and neighboring nations.

Map of freight railroads

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File:WLC LakeLynx.png
Proposed LakeLynx and regional intercity passenger rail network

The West Lakes Compact states are also planning a major passenger rail initiative, including a priority rail corridor connecting Wallawaukee, Lake City, and San Alonzo. This corridor, dubbed the LakeLynx, is expected to include high-speed trains operating hourly between Wallawaukee and Lake City, and every two hours between Lake City and San Alonzo. Intermediate stops are also planned at Ondassagam, Minnonigan; Miller, Seneppi; and at Wallawaukee's Foley-Fillmore International Airport. Two regional lower-speed intercity networks are also planned with hubs in Lake City and Wallawaukee to complement existing commuter rail service in Minnonigan and Seneppi. These connections will provide regional passenger rail service each West Lakes state, and helps Compact states identify passenger corridors for national-level passenger trains.

Lakes Bicycle Association

System of Bike Trails Run By Local Governments.

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Motor Trail Network

File:WLC regional highway draft.png
Draft Motor Trail Corridor Plan

Corridor letters are for reference and identification purposes only. "Long-distance termini" are hypothetical and would require the cooperation of other stateowners along each route.

Corridor Potential Name(s) North/West Lakes Area Terminus North/West Logical Long-Distance Terminus South/East Lakes Area Terminus South/East Logical Long-Distance Terminus Intermediate cities Notes
A -Akogama River Road TE/RP state line Dennison, SA Wallawaukee, SN Mennonia, OT; Barstone, TE; Artonsville, AQ; St. Eustace, TE FS-81 corridor
B -Fort Braxton Post Road Fort Braxton, WJ Wallawaukee, SN Finch Hill, SN; Gleason, SN Proposed FS-85 corridor. Also includes a branch to Varnel, NI.
C -(Great) Overland Road Fort Braxton, WJ Minneuka, ME Massodeya City, MC Prairie City, ME; Des Nonnes, ME; St. Andrew, TE; Barstone, TE FS-40 corridor
D TE/RP state line Swansonville, RP Wytusky, NI Varnel, NI; Marksville, MK; Maquadena, ZH; Eriksburg, OT; St. Andrew, TE; Kirkaldy-Chottane, TE FS-12/71/75 corridor. Also includes a branch to Ohunkagan, MK.
E -Surveyor's Trace Minneuka, ME Marksville, MK Ohunkagan, MK; Plainsburgh, ZH; Twin Rocks, ME; Fort Constable, ME FS-61 corridor. Also includes a branch to Ardencia south of Ohunkagan.
F -Mère Marillac Road ME/OQ state line San Pascual, AL via Doniphan, OQ and Apricity, TJ Wallawaukee, SN Nordseehaven, OT; Eriksburg, OT; Des Nonnes, ME FS-75/71 corridor (Mennowa alignment)
G -Gleason Trace
-Andreapolis Trail
TE/OQ state line Andreapolis, AL via Doniphan, OQ Lake City, MN Gleason, SN; Barstone, TE; St. Andrew, TE; Kirkaldy-Chottane, TE; Ryle, TE FS-89 corridor (south of BarNen)
H -Patrio Highway Lake City, MN Nishowigan/Ardencia boundary South Lake City, Ardencia Wytusky, NI; Ste. Margaux, NI FS-91 corridor (south of Lake City)
J -Sunset Highway WJ/CL state line Jundah-Stuart, TA St. Bernards, MN Ondassagam, MN; Thomasford, MN; Carbonridge, MN; Fort Braxton, WJ FS-91/93 corridor. Also includes a branch to San Alonzo, WJ.
K -Great Post Road Lake City, MN Minneuka, ME Finch Hill, SN; Micksborough, OT; Eriksburg, OT
L -Lakeshore Highway San Alonzo, WJ MI/59 state line Stanton, NC Ondassagam, MN; Lake City, MN; Gramercy-Clinton, SN; Wallawaukee, SN; Nordseehaven, OT; Maquadena, ZH FS-20/24 corridor. Also includes a branch to Ste. Margaux, NI and a Wallawaukee bypass via Pike, SN.
M -Alormen River Road
-Great Valley Road
ME/OQ state line Doniphan, OQ Maquadena, ZH New Harmony, ME; Mennowa City, ME; Minneuka, ME
N San Alonzo, WJ Mennowa City, ME Margaret City, AP Carbonridge, MN; Gleason, SN; Mennonia, OT; Eriksburg, OT; Plainsburgh, ZH FS-30 corridor
P AQ/CL state line Dunlap, CL TE/RP state line Shawcross, AL via Doniphan, OQ and Caldwell City, WM St. Eustace, TE
Q -Clamash Trail TBD, WJ Prairie City, ME St. Eustace, TE; Ryle, TE
R -Old Territorial Road Weber, TE Mennowa City, ME Ryle, TE; Des Nonnes, ME; Fort Constable, ME
S ME/OQ state line Andreapolis, AL via Thinis, OQ Maquadena, ZH Plainsburgh, ZH; Prairie City, ME Also includes a branch to Kennsville, NP via Twin Rocks, ME and Fayette, NP
T San Alonzo, WJ Wallawaukee, SN Thomasford, MN; Brenton, MN; Finch Hill, SN; Pike, SN Also includes a branch to Lake City, MN
U Ondassagam, MN Des Nonnes, ME Green Valley, MN; Finch Hill, SN; Mennonia, OT
V -Sauganash Highway Mooneye, AQ Porte Springs, RP Lake City, MN Green Valley, MN; Brenton, MN

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Map of motor trails

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