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Lorotoban (AR001b) is a collaborative territory, which is inspired by the real-world island of Timor (shared between Timor-Leste and Indonesia) The provinces are owned by individual users so long as they agree to adhere to to collective territory goals and coordinate on development:

  • Low GDP
  • Poor infrastructure
  • One major city
  • Colonial history: was not a colony, but had a Florescenta trading outpost at AR001b-04 which strongly influenced culture and language
  • Languages: Tetunn is the official language, it has Florescentian (Portuguese) influences. It is based on the real-world Tetum. Also Indonesian-analogue - provinces table to list languages


ID Name Coast Population Owner Notes
AR001b-01 Indahtanah W, N Low Hasdrubal Sauradan
AR001b-02 Batuhitam W Medium Available
AR001b-03 Lorotoban Tolu W High Available Sprawl from main city
AR001b-04 TBD S, inland Highest Available Main city
AR001b-05 TBD S, islands Medium Available Includes islands to the south
AR001b-06 TBD Inland Low Available
AR001b-07 Nusajao S Medium Rayx
AR001b-08 Praia-Sandolo S Medium Available
AR001b-09 Rolargo S Medium Mike's World
AR001b-10 TBD S Low Available
AR001b-11 TBD N Low Available
AR001b-12 TBD N Very low Available


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