Costa Dorada

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State of Costa Dorada
Costa Dorada

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Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityCrusina
Official languagesCastellanese and Ingerish
 • GovernorTBD
 • Lt. GovernorTBD
LegislatureState Legislature
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState Assembly
 • Total72,307 km2
27,918 sq mi
 • Census (2020)3,649,119
 • DensityTBD/km2
TBD/sq mi

Costa Dorada is a state in the Northwestern Federal States, with 3.6 million residents across a total area of 27,919 sq mi (72,310 km²). It is bordered by Tempache to the west and Alcortez to the southeast. The capital of Costa Dorada is Aurea, while Crusina is the largest city in the state. Costa Dorada is nationally known for containing the northernmost point of contiguous Federal States (map), its fertile coastal regions, desert and semi-arid areas (map), many mountain ranges, valleys and extraction points of valuable minerals.

The name of the state was given by the Castellanese explorer, Santiago de Alenco, referring to the important gold deposits that were found along its coast, especially near Crusina, shortly after the establishment of the colony in 1577. The Castellanese colony remained until it became a possession of the Federal States in the early 1850s. Costa Dorada achieved statehood in September 1869. Discovery of important mineral deposits and petroleum on the eastern coast (map) shortly after statehood favored the migration to the most important cities. Therefore, Costa Dorada is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the Federal States, and became a key element in the industrialization nationwide (due to its mining and petroleum industries). Currently, Costa Dorada's economy is based on services, tourism, mining and manufacturing industry, constituing it as one of the strongest within the Federal States.

Most of Costa Dorada's territory consists of desert, mountain ranges and semi-arid zones, which make agriculture difficult beyond the coastal regions; its population is mostly concentrated in the metropolitan area of Crusina, and the northeastern coast (map), which is one of the most important tourist destinations nationwide.


Early history

Castellanese period

Costa Dorada Territory


20th century

21st century

Government and politics

Executive branch

Legislative branch

Judicial branch

Federal representation

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Political parties and ideology

Administrative divisions

Costa Dorada is divided into 3 counties and 23 independent municipalities that are considered county-equivalents for census purposes. The 3 counties (Arizona, Las Barrancas and Santos del Mar) are further divided into TBD municipalities.

List of independent municipalities

Name Seat Area
Demographics Map
Population Density/km²
Alenco Primavera 54 64,400 1,193 Map
Aurea Aurea 242 86,100 356 Map
Cabo Cabo Antiguo 235 373,300 1,589 Map
Caledonia El Condado 1,643 49,200 30 Map
Campamento Campamento 872 33,000 38 Map
Castillo del Duque Castillo del Duque 1,165 138,600 119 Map
Costa Azul Termas 1,296 653,500 504 Map
Costa de los Delfines Puerto de los Delfines 767 134,900 176 Map
Costa del Infante Belarra 579 11,000 19 Map
Costa Verde Zubia 508 122,700 242 Map
Crusina San Juan de Crusina 3,220 733,919 228 Map
El Esplendor El Esplendor 2,921 86,900 30 Map
El Lobo El Lobo 991 63,300 64 Map
Garo Garo 881 100,700 114 Map
La Forta La Forta 1,133 46,500 41 Map
La Fortuna El Milagro 1,189 51,200 27 Map
Lagos Los Pinos 2,223 69,500 31 Map
Las Vistas Las Vistas 743 475,500 640 Map
Mascota Mascota 601 21,000 35 Map
Milmares Bahía 368 119,000 323 Map
Punto Paraíso Punto Paraíso 336 96,600 288 Map
Santos del Mar TBD 420 TBD TBD Map
Ureña Ureña 1,051 13,600 13 Map
Villaviciosa Villaviciosa 1,009 104,700 104 Map

List of counties

Name Seat Area
Demographics Map
Population Density/km²
Arizona Southpark 7,473 152,500 20 Map
Las Barrancas Hole 21,357 68,100 3 Map

Arizona County

Name Seat Area
Demographics Map
Population Density/km²
Drought Drought 2,591 2,200 0.8 Map
El Suspiro El Suspiro 1,313 6,800 5 Map
Old Border Old Border 39 5,000 128 Map
Southpark Southpark 117 84,200 720 Map
Tool Tool 198 9,200 46 Map
Torrecilla Torrecilla 1,063 16,700 16 Map
Zibatá Zibatá 2,152 28,400 13 Map

Las Barrancas County

Name Seat Area
Demographics Map
Population Density/km²
Hole Hole 4,317 40,000 9 Map
Montenegro Montenegro 14,950 1,100 0.07 Map
Tinajones Tinajones 1,317 18,000 14 Map
Yellow Corner Yellow Corner 773 9,000 12 Map


Location and borders




Cities and towns





List of roadways in Costa Dorada

Code Beginning End Name Length
Major cities/towns served
CD-1 Cabo Antiguo Mascota Boulevard del Mar TBD
CD-2 El Esplendor Las Vistas Autopista del Norte TBD
CD-3 Cabo Zubia Autopista de las Olas TBD
CD-4 Alenco Bellas Vistas TBD
CD-5 Zubia Playa Bonita TBD
CD-7 Termas Milmares TBD
CD-11 Cabo La Permanencia Ruta Turística TBD
CD-13 Campo del Rey SR-13 TBD
CD-14 Cabo CD-1 TBD
CD-15 Drought SR-15 TBD
CD-17 Campamento Blackwater Via Imperial TBD
CD-19 Aguas Blancas Villas del Mar TBD
CD-20 Villaviciosa Santo Domingo TBD
CD-22 Aurea Garo TBD
CD-25 Playa Bonita Altamar TBD
CD-27 La Forta La Cuna TBD
CD-29 Agua Clara Presa TBD
CD-30 Bahia de Flores CD-82 TBD
CD-31 Bahia de Flores La Robusta TBD
CD-33 El Mirador La Robusta TBD
CD-35 Crusina La Forta Via Crusina TBD
CD-38 El Esplendor Crusina TBD
CD-41 Campamento Santo Tomas TBD
CD-42 Villaviciosa San Pablo TBD
CD-45 Campamento CD-99 TBD
CD-48 Southpark TBD
CD-50 Campo Azul El Lobo TBD
CD-51 El Condado Sanctuario TBD
CD-52 Puerto Delfines Punta Industria TBD
CD-53 Casas del Mar Peña TBD
CD-55 Milmares Blackwater TBD
CD-56 San Pablo Lomas del Castillo TBD
CD-57 La Tarasca Los Caballeros TBD
CD-58 Torre Alta Campo Grande TBD
CD-59 Candiles Capricho TBD
CD-60 Costa Azul Southpark TBD
CD-61 Viso CD-17 TBD
CD-63 Viso Villa Roja TBD
CD-64 Campo del Rey Puerto Delfines TBD
CD-65 Los Sueños Santo Domingo TBD
CD-66 Southpark SR-66 TBD
CD-67 Los Sueños Dinosaurios TBD
CD-69 Las Vistas Zarza TBD
CD-70 El Lobo Zibatá TBD
CD-71 Garo La Capuera TBD
CD-72 Rosario CD-31 TBD
CD-75 Crusina Plazas del Mar TBD
CD-77 Punta Industria Playa Langosta TBD
CD-78 Hole CD-83 Las Barrancas TBD
CD-79 Laguna Blanca Rio Negro TBD
CD-80 Torrecilla FS-88 TBD
CD-81 La Cuna Las Jardines
CD-82 El Milagro La Esperanza TBD
CD-83 Aurea Yellow Corner Barrancas del Desierto (part) TBD
CD-84 Playa Tortugas CD-58 TBD
CD-85 Aurea Punto Paraíso TBD
CD-86 Arenas Blancas Altamar TBD
CD-87 Sanctuario Playa Plata TBD
CD-88 Tinajones Minneuka TBD
CD-89 Bahia Miraflores TBD
CD-90 Miramar FS-90 TBD
CD-91 Milmares Esmeralda TBD
CD-92 Point Navelez Belarra Costa del Infanta TBD
CD-93 Casas del Mar Cabo Pequeño TBD
CD-96 Campo del Rey Crusina TBD
CD-97 Candiles Cruento TBD
CD-98 Arenas Blancas TBD
CD-99 Santo Tomas La Cuna TBD
CD-100 Cabo Jacan TBD
CD-104 Los Sueños El Retorno TBD
CD-107 Arenas Blancas Viso TBD
CD-141 La Forta TBD
CD-143 La Corona TBD
CD-150 Santo Tomas Cruento Via Rinoceronte TBD
CD-152 Amazcala Almena TBD
CD-154 Campamento TBD
CD-159 Southpark
CD-161 Tool TBD
CD-163 Tinajones SR-63 Rush Avenue TBD
CD-180 Foro Nuevo Lomas del Castillo TBD
CD-182 Castillo del Duque CD-90 TBD
CD-184 Castillo del Duque TBD
CD-186 Castillo del Duque TBD
CD-191 Mascota TBD
CD-195 Fonrtarrón Olas Bajas TBD
CD-201 Southpark CD-60 - CD-83 Mr Garrison Avenue TBD
CD-202 Fontarrón CD-29 TBD
CD-206 El Esplendor CD-13 TBD
CD-207 San Pedro el Viejo Herrero TBD
CD-214 Hormigueros TBD
CD-216 La Huerta Adjuntas TBD
CD-230 Crusina TBD
CD-231 Los Sordos Los Caminos TBD
CD-232 Crusina TBD
CD-238 Arroyo Pequeño Sierra Clara TBD
CD-242 Zubia TBD
CD-262 Cabo Bellaguna TBD
CD-290 Mascota TBD
CD-292 Mascota TBD
CD-294 Mascota TBD
CD-296 Cuervo TBD
CD-299 Alamosa TBD
CD-301 Belarra SR-301 Camino a Belarra TBD
CD-302 Cabo CD-1 TBD
CD-309 Zubia 7 TBD
CD-311 Zubia San Pablo Limonero TBD
CD-338 Southpark SR 739 Towelie TBD
CD-420 Zubia TBD
CD-515 Jacan CD-100 TBD
CD-517 Playa Ancha CD-1 TBD
CD-519 Las Palmas Rio Secreto TBD
CD-523 Playa Tortugas Agudo TBD
CD-525 Las Vistas CD-51 TBD
CD-527 Las Vistas Isabela TBD
CD-529 Las Vistas Las Picuas TBD
CD-530 El Rocio Puentenuevo TBD
CD-531 Piedra del Obispo Pozuelo TBD
CD-533 Las Uvas Torre Alta TBD
CD-535 El Cielo CD-51 TBD
CD-537 Los Sueños CD-104 TBD
CD-539 Playa Bonita El Retorno TBD
CD-541 Arenas Blancas TBD
CD-543 Arenas Blancas Cerro del Perro TBD
CD-545 Termas TBD
CD-547 San Marcos Virgen TBD
CD-549 Mar de Cristal San Francisco TBD
CD-551 Campo Verde CD-99 TBD
CD-555 Los Caminos TBD
CD-580 Las Vistas Agudo TBD
CD-611 El Suspiro SR-611 TBD


Health and education




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