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RegionGt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth
Native speakers5.6 Million
Official status
Official language inAN Flag.png Assembly of Nations
Gt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth
Writing systemRomantian script, Grisean Script (Formerly)
Signed formsGrisean Sign
Linguistic development
Language familyHardan
  • Grisean
Linguistic evolutionProto-Hardan
  • Aranki
    • Grisean

The Grisean language is a Hardan language spoken in the Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth. It is distantly related to the other languages in the Hardan language family (like Darrsian and Bjéri), but due to the isolation its speakers had over time as large mountain ranges cut it off from the rest of the island. Grisean is descended from the Aranki language, a now extinct language that was historically spoken across Northern Harda. Aranki is seen as the direct ancestor of modern Grisean and is the link between Grisean and the Proto-Hardan language. It is written in the Romantian script and in the Grisean Script. Aside from churches, you can find the Grisean Script on government buildings such as the parliament building in Aľatyn, where the name is labelled in both the Romantian Grisean and Native Grisean scripts, or intermittently across the nation.

Grisean Alphabet

Letter Name Pronunciation
A Ah /ɐ/
Å Åh /ɐː/
B Be /b/
C Ce /ts/
Č Če /tʃ/
Ć Će /ts'/
D De /d/
Ď Ďe /dʒ/
Đ Đe /dʑ/
E Eh /e/
Ě Ěh /ə/
E̊h /æː/
G Ge /g/
H He /h/
CH Che /x/
I Ih /ɪ/
J Je /j/
K Ke /k/
L Le /l/
Ľ Ľe /xl/
M Me /m/
N Ne /n/
Ň Ňe /ɲ/
O Oh /o/
O̊h /oː/
P Pe /p/
Q Qe /q'/
R Re /ɾ/
Ŕ Ŕe /ʁ/
Ř Ře /r/
S Se /s/
Š Še /ʃ/
Ś Śe /ʃt͡ʃ/
T Te /t/
Ť Ťe /θ/
U Uh /u/
Ů Ůh /uː/
V Ve /v/
W We /w/
Ẃe /ʍ/
Y Yh /i/
Y̊h /y/
Z Ze /z/
Ž Že /ʒ/
' Ažy Glatelně /ʔ/

The current Grisean Alphabet has 45 letters and one digraph. The Grisean language has four diacritic marks, the acute (´), the bar (◌̶), the caron (ˇ), and the ring (˚).