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Help:Configuring JOSM for OpenGeofiction

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How can I use JOSM for editing the OpenGeofiction map?

If you want to use the JOSM editor, configure the "Connection settings" (via the "Edit -> Preferences" menu), so that the OSM server URL points to our server https://opengeofiction.net/api

as shown here:

Luciano Screenshot JOSM 01.png

How can I display the OpenGeofiction map as background in JOSM?

To display the OpenGeofiction map as background in JOSM, add our server to the "selected entries" in the "Imagery preferences", using the "+TMS" button, as shown in this screenshot:

Luciano Screenshot JOSM 02.png

"OpenGeofiction" should then appear in the "Imagery" menu.

The input values for the OGF map layers are as listed below.

Layer (5.) URL template (2.)
OGF-Carto (OSM's default style) https://tile.opengeofiction.net/ogf-carto/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png (Max zoom = 20)
OGF-Topo (OpenTopoMap's style) https://tile.opengeofiction.net/ogf-topo/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png (Max zoom = 17)

Once you completed this step, you can then select "OpenGeofiction" as background for the "Download" dialog:

Luciano Screenshot JOSM 03.png