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Be friendly: OpenGeofiction can be confusing at first

This is a page for experienced mappers to identify and contact new users editing in the wrong places. Instructions are as follows:

  1. Search: The new user list below is updated every 30 minutes, listing the newest user with map edits at the top. Click on a username (skipping any on the "Contacted users" list) and then click "Edits" to see where they're editing. Users with "B" next to their name have an active block, and "b" have been blocked in the past.
  2. Confirm & List: If they seem lost, look at the overview map to make sure they do not own the area, and check the "Contacted users" list below to confirm they haven't already been contacted. If they're not on the list, add them at the top. Use the format * {{OGF user|NEWUSERNAME}} ~~~~
  3. Contact: Send the user a friendly message (see suggested message) via OGF inbox. If they are violating other rules (e.g. well-known place names, real companies/organizations, unrealistic content/scale, etc), you can mention those things as well.
  4. Check back: If they don't reply to your message, look in on their mapping later. If they are still editing inappropriately, notify admin.
  5. The recent edits list on the Dashboard is also a useful resource, as is the daily activity map.


Contacted users New users
Please add to the top of this list, using the format:
* {{OGF user|NEWUSERNAME}} ~~~~

  • Please add to the top of this list, not the bottom.
Refresh tables
Username ID Changes Latest edit

TheSeamonster 25941 20 2022-11-28T16:17:31Z
Rhett McDonald I b 25918 79 2022-11-28T02:35:15Z
umsemann 25917 14 2022-11-27T18:31:51Z
Tales5544 25910 2 2022-11-18T18:16:17Z
torchlight7 25909 26 2022-11-17T17:07:38Z
yumiqizi b 25905 67 2022-11-28T14:02:56Z
ChessesChrist 25903 8 2022-11-25T23:53:27Z
Soda 25902 3 2022-11-16T00:53:46Z
哈布斯堡的忍之助 25899 1 2022-11-13T09:39:54Z
Pazu 25897 1 2022-11-11T08:48:49Z
lmills29 25896 35 2022-11-28T09:59:04Z
Le Solognot 25893 8 2022-11-17T17:47:53Z
Knocko 25891 43 2022-11-28T16:45:07Z
cartographersurgeon 25890 247 2022-11-28T16:55:33Z
Mount-Royal 25889 1 2022-11-08T21:33:49Z
Masaop567 25887 64 2022-11-28T16:41:19Z
PhilScott 25884 3 2022-11-07T18:08:45Z
Seherz 25883 8 2022-11-17T01:29:36Z
NocoRoads 25882 17 2022-11-14T03:58:36Z
thatdude 25880 1 2022-11-07T16:46:22Z
lucko 25878 56 2022-11-28T16:49:29Z
mipalvelos 25876 2 2022-11-06T11:55:57Z
Red_cucumber_390 25872 5 2022-11-04T19:51:50Z
Alexmar983 25870 706 2022-11-28T17:07:10Z
super_empath 25865 28 2022-11-22T21:46:32Z
Devarite 25859 2 2022-11-02T01:53:45Z
CatSu 25858 4 2022-10-31T02:30:02Z
Rémi_ 25852 15 2022-11-03T00:13:47Z
Ecchi Kei 25847 45 2022-11-28T13:16:19Z
Sortsdam b 25841 255 2022-11-28T13:46:57Z

Suggested message

Hi there, I just noticed your [recent mapping](ADD LINK TO CHANGESET) in OpenGeofiction.

Unfortunately, this area is not open to public editing. Before making any more edits here, please take a moment to read the [site policies page,]( which has instructions for new users.

Please note that new users can edit only in the blue territories on the [overview map.]( Once you've built up a lengthier edit history, you will be able to [request a territory]( You may also be interested in participating in a [collaborative project](

If you have questions or anything, just let me know. Thanks for understanding, and welcome to our world! 

YOUR_USERNAME (assisting the OpenGeofiction admin team)

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