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Olselen, officially recognised as the State of Olselen, is a Mid Ardentic state in the Federal States. Olselen hosts a temperate oceanic climate and that is heavily influenced by Ardentic Ocean with flat fertile lands in the east, forests in it's central region, and many rolling hills in the west and southwestern region. In 2020, Olselen had a reported population of 5,131,899.

The largest city in Olselen is Praxton which hosts just over 835,000 residents with a metro area of around 2 Million people comprising of 40% of Olselen's population. Nearby Prescott home to over 200,000 people and the state's second largest city is a regional industrial tradeport.

  • Oleana which is the Capital of Olselen and the third largest city by population is one of the oldest cities in the region. Situated on an Island, it lies around 40 miles east of Praxton and is home to many white sand beaches, saltwater marshes, oceanfront highrises, and is a well respected summertime tourist destination. It hosts a small international Airport with 5 full time international destinations and 5 seasonal.
  • Olselen is often referred to as the "Heart of the Mid Ardentic" due it's centralised position as well as significant colonial history in the Mid Ardentic states surrounding Praxton and later Oleana.

Cities and Counties

Olselen Is home to 7 Counties. Despite being one of the smallest counties, Chester county hosts a population of nearly 2 million residents making it the most populous county in Olselen. It is also home to the largest city Praxton by population. Derry County has over 1 million residents yet has no major cities. The reasoning is because the South Suburbs of Praxton are all located within the county. Derry county is also the largest county by land area hosting roughly 60% of Olselen's land area ! and the second largest by population.

Counties of Olselen
County Name Population County Seat
Callahan County 372,566 Amesbury
Castle County 155,639 Castle Lake
Chester County 2,203,505 Praxton
Derry County 1,102,404 Huckleberry Shores
Hillshire County 203,515 Herrod Springs
Nampaganset County 788,906 Oleana
Wellsbury County 305,364 Olselen Springs
File:Olselen Flag -2.jpg
Flag of the State of Olselen
Largest Cities In Olselen
City Population County Date Founded
Praxton 835,529 Chester 1723
Prescott 355,053 Chester 1694
Oleana 297,540 Nampaganset 1799
Cape Stockton 158,505 Callahan 1822
Olselen Springs 103,775 Wellsbury 1803
Derry 70,830 Derry 1866
Huckleberry Shores 66,505 Derry 1827
Greenfield Lakes 63,845 Derry 1904
Proviso 60,390 Derry 1755
Castle Lake 52,575 Castle 1844
FS-1/FS-11 Facing north near Greenfield Lakes
View of Downtown Praxton's Waterfront on the Olselen River from the Riverbanks area.


Olselen Turnpike Road Sign.

Olselen does not have county maintained roads but rather an expansive network of state routes and highways managed by the state government. These range from trunk roads, to primary, to small two lane rural country roads. Olselen consists of single, double, and triple digit state routes. The Single and Double digit state routes typically connect the cities and predate the FSA's motorway system. The Triple digit state routes are typically auxiliary routes of single or double digit routes and there are very few in the state. Olselen also is home to FS-1/FS-11, a major north south motorway as well as FS-30 one of the countries longest east-west motorways spanning from it's eastern terminus in Eastern Olselen to it's western terminus in southwestern Minnonigan.

Road signs displaying a single digit state route road sign
Olselen License plates reflecting the state motto "Heart of the Mid Ardentic"


The State Of Olselen was originally the Colony of Olselen and first settled by Uleathan Settlers in 1690 on the banks of the Bluegill river. Around 4 years later, a small town and trade port was established and Officially Incorporated as the Town of Prescott named after Captain Arthur William Prescott , a well respected Ingerish Explorer. By 1730, Prescott was without a doubt the largest city in the Olselen Colony with a population of roughly 5,500 people, and a trade route had been constructed to another nearby river settlement 15 miles south off of the Olselen River. This settlement was Praxton after Explorer Harold Praxx, another well respected Ingerish Explorer. It should be noted that both settlements were already relatively inhabited by the Olsel Indigenous tribe who are known for being successful Fisherman, terraformers, and very welcoming and hospitable individuals. Though their settlements were notably to the North of the Bluegill River in present day Anne Abbey and south of the Olselen River in the present day South Suburbs of Praxton.

As increased levels of migration from Uletha prevailed, other cities would be founded throughout Olselen.


Olselen is the most visited state in the Mid Ardentic and one of the 9th most visited state in the Federal States by Annual Visitors. Despite it's small size, it has much to offer. From the White sand beaches lining it's Ardentic Coast from Oleana to Cape Stockton, or the rock climbing, hiking trails, and numerous camp sights outside of Olselen springs, to the bustling Urban Oasis of the Twin River Valley area of Praxton and Prescott, and least us forget the Derry Coast, There is no shortage of activities, sights, and great times in the heart of the Mid Ardentic

View of the Olselen Springs Skyline with the foothills of the Rivian Hills in the background.
View of East Stockton Shore Road lined with Palm trees in Cape Stockton Olselen. Though palm trees are not native to Olselen and are not found anywhere in the state aside from the Northeast, they do well year round even in the winter months in the Cape Stockton Area.
Downtown Praxton at night facing north

View of Downtown Oleana Capital of Olselen