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This snapshot box is designed to highlight a specific place within a territory. Provide a very brief overview of information in the paragraph parameter. Important: Please do not attempt to include a full-length article, as this template is not designed for it.

{{Snapshot place
| name = (required)
| anchor = (optional; see note below)
| location = (required; use single-phrase description such as 'City in Province of Territory' or 'Stadium in City')
| status = (optional; e.g. 'Capital of Territory' or 'Home of Sporting Club')
| map = (required map link; use {{tl|node}}, {{tl|way}}, or {{tl|relation}} to create link)
| image = (use without "File:")
| paragraph = (short overview paragraph to provide context)

This template also includes an optional anchor parameter that can be used to create quick wiki links. For example, including | anchor = City allows for a quick link on the territory page like this: [[Territory#City]]. As with all wikilinks, this can be piped to create direct links in the encyclopedia directly to this snapshot ([[Territory#City|City]]).