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RegionGt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth
Native speakers920,000
Official status
Official language inAN Flag.png Assembly of Nations
Gt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth
Writing systemRomantian script, Thirranic Script (Formerly)
Signed formsThirranic Sign
Linguistic development
Language familyLanguage isolate
  • Thirranic
Linguistic evolutionProto-Thirranic
  • Old Thirranic
    • Middle Thirranic
      • Thirranic

The Thirranic language is a language isolate spoken in the Thirran Region of the Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth. It is written in the Romantian script, however, it was formerly written in the Thirranic Script. The Thirranic Script is now only used in religious contexts and traditional ceremonies.

Thirranic Alphabet

Letter Name Pronunciation
A A /ɐ/
B Be /b/
C Che /ʃ/
D De /d/
E E /e/
Ě Ě /ə/
F Fe /f/
G Ge /g/
H Hache /h/
I Ile /ɪ/
K Kale /k/
L Ele /l/
M Me /m/
N Ne /n/
O Ol /o/
P Pe /p/
R Ar /r/
S Se /s/
T Te /t/
U Ule /u/
V Vele /v/
W We /w/
Z Ze /z/
Å Åkile /ɒ/
Y Yhe /i/
Ch Che /x/
Th The /θ/, /ð/

In the Modern Standard Thirranic Alphabet, there are 26 letters in total, plus two digraphs, Ch and Th, representing the voiceless velar fricative and both dental fricatives, respectively. Thirranic omits the letters J, Q, and X. The letter C is used to denote the Ch (/ʃ/) sound. The letter Å occurs rarely, but enough that it warrants its own letter in the alphabet. The letter Y is used almost exclusively to represent the "and conjunction" and as such also warrants its own letter. The letter G only represents the sound /g/ and does not have the /dʒ/ sound and is never silent (ie. design). It has two diacritics, the ring and the caron.