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Northern Archanta Trade Organisation

The Northern Archanta Trade Organisation (NATO) is a regional economic union in Northern Archanta. Comprising of Nakah, Grinzez, Bai, Kanglapo, Kuehong and Huaxia, the primary objective of the trade organisation is to facilitate economic integration and accelerate economic growth in the region, while maintaining and promoting regional peace and stability through intergovernmental cooperation among its members.

Initially created to counter Federal States influence in the region, the organisation was established in 1979 with Grinzez, Bai, Nakah and Kanglapo. Subsequent nations joined the organisation over time. The Treaty of Pyapyor, which established the organisation, set out a blueprint for the establishment of a single market. In 1992, the Treaty was superseded by the Comprehensive Trade Agreement in Northern Archanta, signed in Nandacheongfu, to phase out tariffs while working on joint visa and defence policies.