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Protektorat Vyzdland

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CapitalFort Vyzad
Official languagesVyzdian, Alvedic, Brevinian

The protectorate of Vyzdland is a country in East Uletha. It shares borders with Brevinfeld, Älved, and Keira.

Its population is around 400 000.

This failed state is mostly populated by former nomadic Vyzdians (a population originally from far North Uletha who settled by the lakes and wetlands of the Alvedic Countries) who were relocated from the Älvedic Countries to this land after a series of insurrections. This was a tentative to give a territory to the ethnic and former nomadic Vyzdians from all the Alvedic Countries, after the fall of the Alvedic Union, has been under constant trouble between the fundamentalist Vyzdian rebels (animist and pro-nomadic clans who claim Paradisem and parts of Middelälved) and the loyalists. The country had been shredded between 1) the Älved-controlled corridor, 2) the Brevinian-controlled West, and 3) the Vyzh-Ulz factions.

In early 2022, there has been an Älvedic and Vyzdian loyalist offensive to neutralize the rebels, an operation where a large amount of towns and villages were raided simultaneously, which ended up in a loyalist victory. Vyzdland lost a considerable amount of its population during the conflict. A protectorate government was set up, with half Vyzdian and half Älvedic / Brevinian representatives. The humanitarian situation in the country is disastrous, with many inhabitants of former rebel zones "jailed" in makeshift camps, and there is a lot of work to be done to rebuild infrastructures, schools, medical centers etc. which were destroyed by the Vyzh-Ulz fundamentalists, and to incorporate informal villages and settlements all around the country.

Peacekeeping forces are controling the main transit axis, with frequent checkpoints, in order to keep the international freight lines safe, especially Tulla - Senford; but only a small fraction now transits through Vyzdland, most of it crossing through Ushiro and Adventikem instead.