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Federal State of Astrantia
"Spirit of the Pioneers"

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Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalHope Harbor
Largest cityNewport
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesnone
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
 • Governor
 • Vice Governor
LegislatureState Assembly
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState House
 • Total16,261 km2
6,278 sq mi
 • Water (%)40%
 • Census3,000,000
 • Densitynn/km2
nn/sq mi
TimezoneWUT +10

Astrantia, officially the Federal State of Astrantia is one of the smaller states in the southeastern part of the Federation. It borders xyz Bay, on the Ardentic Ocean.

Inhabited by indiginous people for centuries, Astrantia was one of the earliest areas where foreign colonists - mostly of Ingerish origins - landed. The earliest colonists were refugees on religious grounds, fearing prosecution in their homeland. They hoped to establish a society based on freedom of religion. One of the earliest settlements was Hope Harbor, which later became Astrantias capital city. Although at first the relation with the natives was peaceful, in later years colonial agression led to the withdrawal of natives to First Nation reservates, of which the Wa-Ga-Mi First Nation area in the north-east of the state is the largest.

Astrantia was one of the founding states of the Federation.


Astrantia is a coastal state. The main geograpic areas are the Passaqua valley, the Astrantia Watershed, the coastal zone and Pine Island. There are two major urban areas: Hope Harbor, the capital and Newport.


Due to its location, Astrantia has a moderate climate, with temperatures varying from -10 in winter to +25 in summer. There is no fixed rainy season.



FSA Federal Highways FS-5, FS10 and FS-11 run through Astrantia.



Astrantia is served by ArchRail, the FSA national passenger transport provider.


Astrantia is home to two regional railroad companies: Hope Harbor RailRoad, located in Hope Harbor and Astrantia NorthWestern, located in Newport.

Air transport

Astrantia has two major airports, near Hope Harbor and Newport. Both host domestic flights within the FSA. Hope Harbor International Airport hosts limited international flights.

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