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| {{Airport-coord|-33.4344|145.0000}}
| {{Airport-coord|-33.4344|145.0000}}
| ❌ No
| ❌ No
| Adamsville International Airport
| Adamsville
| {{Ogdalen}}
| '''AVA'''
| R
| 10/28 (2500m)<br>18L/36R (3100m)<br>18R/36L (2200)
| 30
| {{Airport-coord|-41.7164|139.9129}}
| ✅ Yes
| Benjamin K. Hedstrom International Airport
| Benjamin K. Hedstrom International Airport

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This page details the civilian aviation network of the Federal States. Before adding to this page, please be sure to visit Help:Making realistic airports for more information regarding best practices for airports and airlines in OGF.

For information regarding FSA military airports, visit Collab:Federal States/Military.

The Federal States has a robust domestic and international aviation network. This page provides a list of major airports and major airlines in the Federal States.


Symbol important note.svg Important technical notes to users
Airports are fun to map, and when done well they are a great addition to the map. However, make sure a city has enough mapping detail to warrant an airport before mapping your airport. If you have to ask if your city has enough detail to warrant a major airport, it probably doesn't.

Commercial Airports

Before adding any airports here, be sure to claim a WAAT airport code by adding airports to the centralized OGF list. Note that, to add an airport to Index:Airports, a certain level of detail (length of runways, number of gates, etc.) must be mapped prior to adding an airport. All Federal States airports should have an ANACA code of "BAxx", although the future of four-character codes is uncertain.

Commercial aviation is an important mode of interstate travel within the Federal States, and to/from our neighboring nations. Per OGF standards, there are three classes of commercial airports:

  • Class D airports are regional in nature. These airports are generally small, and in the Federal States primarily serve domestic destinations with smaller, shorter-range aircraft. In a "hub and spoke" airline model, regional airports will primarily only fly into "hub" airports rather than have direct connections with other regional airports. Class D airports are generally used for metropolitan areas of up to 250,000 residents that are not within a reasonable (2 hours or less) drive to a larger airport.
  • Class R airports are larger than Class D airports, and may have some international flights to nearby foreign destinations, but a majority of destinations will likely still be domestic flights. Most airports on this list should likely fall into the Class R category.
  • Class G airports are intercontinental major airports that serve as high-volume hubs for domestic and international flights. These generally are some of the largest airports in the OGF world and should be adequately designed to handle the world's largest commercial aircraft; likewise, they should only be located in areas that would reasonably have a high demand of both domestic and international travel.

Please do not add unmapped airports to this list. Airports without regularly scheduled commercial service should not be included on this list. Airport codes shown in italics are placeholders and should not be considered official; to officially claim an airport code, airports must meet the minimum level of detail to qualify for the Index:Airports list and be listed there. Airports in vacant states are marked with a strikethrough.

Airport City State WAAT ANACA Class Runways Gates Location Listed
Oakhill State Airport Aerwinya AR120-04 AER BAER R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 37.7203°S, 161.1777°E ❌ No
Andreapolis International Airport Andreapolis Alormen Flag.jpg Alormen APL BAAN R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 31.1552°S, 148.5976°E ❌ No
Apricity International Airport Apricity Tejoma APR BAAP R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 33.4344°S, 145°E ❌ No
Adamsville International Airport Adamsville Ogdalenflag.png Ogdalen AVA BAAV R 10/28 (2500m)
18L/36R (3100m)
18R/36L (2200)
30 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.7164°S, 139.9129°E ✅ Yes
Benjamin K. Hedstrom International Airport Warwick Template:Penquisset BKH BAWW G 07/25 (3800m)
14L/32R (3500m)
14R/32L (3500m)
98 Airplane silhouette.svg 40.0188°S, 159.9711°E ✅ Yes
Burton-New Atwick International Airport Burton Template:Passamaqueets BNA BABP R 02L/20R (3300m)
02R/20L (3300m)
09/27 (2600m)
106 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.9929°S, 161.4384°E ✅ Yes
Ondassagam-Bucks County Regional Airport Ondassagam Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan BUX BAON R 3/21 (2600m)
11/29 (2625m)
21 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.1456°S, 140.5183°E ✅ Yes
Northern Minnonigan Regional Airport Carbonridge Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan CBX BACB D 6/24 (2000m)
14/32 (3000m)
18/36 (1675m)
7 Airplane silhouette.svg 39.9919°S, 140.2304°E ✅ Yes
Huntington International Huntington Capital District CDI BACD G 4 Airplane silhouette.svg 37.5325°S, 157.4985°E ❌ No
Chapman Airport Chapman Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra CHP BACH D 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 33.3066°S, 139.0317°E ❌ No
Dennison International Airport Redonda (Dennison) Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra DIA BADE G 3 Airplane silhouette.svg 32.6987°S, 140.8822°E ❌ No
Elvira Regional Airport Elvira Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra ELR BAEL D 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 32.9573°S, 141.0378°E ❌ No
reserved Esperanza Cosperica ESP BASP G Planned airport
Diego Armando Morales Airport Playa Gomez Tierra Alta GMZ BAGZ D 1 6 Airplane silhouette.svg 28.4507°S, 142.1594°E ❌ No
Gramercy Metro International Airport Gramercy Seneppi GRM BAGR D 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 42.1129°S, 142.5479°E ❌ No
Guerrero Airport Guerrero Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra GUE BAGU D 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 32.3018°S, 141.9341°E ❌ No
Henderson Airport Henderson Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra HEN BAHN D 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 32.674°S, 140.5812°E ❌ No
Hope Harbor International Hope Harbor Template:Astrantia HHI BAHH R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 42.043°S, 160.3119°E ❌ No
Juliana Hálison International Airport Hálison Flag of Laine.png Laine JLH BABC G 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 35.6475°S, 161.4908°E ❌ No
Jericho-Lake Oirane International Airport Jericho Tejoma JLO BAJL R 3 Airplane silhouette.svg 34.2635°S, 148.5337°E ❌ No
Jonnequiel International Airport Ohunkagan Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska JQL BAOH G 3 Airplane silhouette.svg 42.4344°S, 145.9525°E ❌ No
Jundah-Stuart International Airport Jundah-Stuart Template:Tauhon JSI BAJS G 3 87 Airplane silhouette.svg 32.4741°S, 136.1144°E ❌ No
Kennedy-Fayette Metro International Airport Kennsville AR120-36 KFM BAKN G 4 Airplane silhouette.svg 40.7006°S, 148.6963°E ❌ No
Lafayette International Airport Eveleigh Template:Whitestone LAF BALF R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 39.0805°S, 158.9425°E ❌ No
Lake City International Airport Lake City Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan LCX BALC G 5L/23R (3500m)
5C/23C (2290m)
5R/23L (2290m)
6L/24R (3500m)
6R/24L (3000m)
18L/36R (4000m)
18R/36L (3250-4250m)
191 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.5612°S, 141.3025°E ✅ Yes
Gunnison International Airport Lake City Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan LKX BALK R 7/25 (2500m)
16/34 (1500m)
41 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.5286°S, 141.554°E ✅ Yes
Lola-Fort Nickerson Regional Airport Lola Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra LON BALN D 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 33.4545°S, 141.0252°E ❌ No
Los Reyes Valdez International Airport Los Reyes Tempache flag.png Tempache LRV BALR R 3 Airplane silhouette.svg 28.145°S, 139.1572°E ❌ No
Morsboro International Airport Morsboro Natrinia MAA BAAA R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 37.0868°S, 160.8556°E ❌ No
Maquadena Beartown International Airport Maquadena Template:Zakahigan MAQ BAIR R 4 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.0184°S, 145.8153°E ❌ No
Minneuka International Airport Minneuka Template:Mennowa MKX BAMK G 3 Airplane silhouette.svg 37.7738°S, 149.0907°E ❌ No
reserved Massodeya City Michisaukee MSS BAMS G Planned airport
Makaska Valley International Airport Marksville Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska MVI BAMV R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 42.8729°S, 144.7543°E ❌ No
Middlewall International Airport Middlewall Flag of Thermond.png Thermond MIA BAMA G 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.0757°S, 160.8043°E ❌ No
Alvia International Airport Orterrado Flag of Laine.png Laine ORA BAOA R 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 35.5524°S, 163.0208°E ❌ No
Feldline International Airport Orterrado Flag of Laine.png Laine ORF BAOF G 3 Airplane silhouette.svg 35.3185°S, 162.9083°E ❌ No
Gridland Gateway International Airport Barre Harbor/Port Blaire Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan PBX BARR D 7/25 (3500m)
13/31 (2500m)
5 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.7168°S, 139.9138°E ✅ Yes
San Daniel Airport San Daniel Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra SDA BASD D 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 33.1806°S, 142.6472°E ❌ No
Stanton Belleville Airport Stanton Template:New Carnaby SBE BABE D 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 40.4998°S, 159.7464°E ❌ No
Stanton International Airport Stanton Template:New Carnaby STI BASI G 4 157 Airplane silhouette.svg 40.0204°S, 159.5894°E ❌ No
Saint Jacobs International Airport Saint Jacobs Girridon STJ BASJ G 4 Airplane silhouette.svg 38.856°S, 157.4476°E ❌ No
Fiorino International Airport Stanton Template:New Carnaby STN BAST R 3 69 Airplane silhouette.svg 40.3279°S, 159.504°E ❌ No
Vilsack-Stith Municipal Airport Vilsack Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra VSM BAVS D 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 33.5444°S, 143.4638°E ❌ No
Wahanta-Clifford International Airport Wahanta ClamashFlag.png Clamash WCA BAWC R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 34.9502°S, 137.6708°E ❌ No
Waltmore Airport Waltmore Template:New Carnaby WAL BAWA R 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 40.9839°S, 158.58°E ❌ No
Foley-Fillmore International Airport Wallawaukee Seneppi WFF BAWF G 3L/21R (3470m)
3R/21L (3910m)
4L/22R (1920m)
4R/22L (3320m)
172 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.8247°S, 143.8061°E ✅ Yes
Wincheford Regional Airport Wincheford Flag of Thermond.png Thermond WRA BAWI D 2 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.4039°S, 160.8396°E ❌ No
Vernon International Airport Wallawaukee Seneppi WVN BAWV R 1 Airplane silhouette.svg 41.7073°S, 144.0817°E ❌ No

General Aviation Airports

General Aviation (GA) airports are small, public airports that do not have regularly-scheduled commercial air service. While private aircraft can also use commercial airports, GA airports are more common for private individuals and companies that own or lease private aircraft.

Each GA airport should still have a 4-letter ANACA code; however, there is not yet a national consensus on a consistent lettering scheme for GA airports. A listing of GA airports will be established once ANACA code formats are established. GA airports do not use WAAT 3-letter codes.


Air Freedoms

With a robust domestic aviation industry, the Federal States allows global "3rd Freedom" (any airline can fly to/from the FSA with operations based in their home country) access to international airlines, with 4th Freedom access (airlines can fly to/from the FSA with operations based in a third nation) provided on a case-by-case basis. For all domestic flights that begin and end within the Federal States, a domestic carrier must be used, with codesharing agreements permitted.

Countries and companies requesting 4th Freedom access should message the FSA Coordinator for more details.

Domestic Airlines

Airline Headquarters (City) Headquarters (State) Callsign WAAT Flight Code Alliance Primary Hubs Secondary Hubs Target Market(s) Listed
Apex Air Los Reyes Tempache flag.png Tempache Apex XR Los Reyes Valdez International Airport ✅ Yes
Ardentic Airlines Stanton Template:New Carnaby Ardentic OA ✅ Yes
EasternWings Eastern EW ✅ Yes
Federal Airlines Stanton Template:New Carnaby FedAir FA OneSky Stanton International Airport
Jundah-Stuart International Airport
Lake City International Airport
Fiorino International Airport
Gobras City International Worldport
✅ Yes
flySmart Dennison Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra SMAR FS WorldStar Dennison International Airport
Foley-Fillmore International Airport
Minneuka International Airport
Huntington Regional Airport
Andreapolis International Airport
Budget ✅ Yes
PenqAir Warwick Template:Penquisset Benjamin K. Hedstrom International Airport ❌ No
SkyRide Airlines Lake City Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan SkyRide SR Gunnison International Airport Budget ✅ Yes
Southern Airlines Lake City Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan SouthAir SA Four Corners Lake City International Airport ✅ Yes
Tauhon Airlines Jundah Template:Tauhon Jundah TA Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport ✅ Yes
Union Airways Orterrado Flag of Laine.png Laine Unair UN WorldStar Orterrado- Feldline International Airport Orterrado- Alvia International Airport ❌ No
WestAir Stuart Template:Tauhon West FW Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport ❌ No

International Airlines

Airline Nation Alliance Freedom FSA Destinations International Destinations
AOAir Template:Aorangëa 4th Stanton International Airport Otāngia-Naora Airport
Fawltryncham Airport
Whangiora Airport
Duncanheim Royal Airlines Template:Duncanheim 4th Stanton-Fiorino International Airport
Lake City International Airport
Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport
FreedemiAir FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia OneSky 4th Wallawaukee-Foley-Fillmore International Airport
Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport
Lake City International Airport
Quentinsburgh-Sean Bond International Airport
Khaiwoon International Airport
Guai Airways Flag of Guai.svg Guai Geolliance 3rd Stanton International Airport
Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport
Vai International Airport
Latzyl Air Template:Latina 3rd Stanton International Airport Porto Colon International Airport
Paxair Template:Paxtar 4th Stanton International Airport Safrisco International Airport
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