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This page, and its associated discussion page, are intended to determine the names of prominent natural features within the Federal States.


River 1

Running from AR120-75 south to the Grand Lakes

A name has been selected: Akogama River.

River 2

Running from the Grand Lakes north to northern border

River 2 Submissions

  • Alormen River
  • Lamahassa River
  • Chialappa River
  • Nantahalas River ("NAN-tah-AY-lah")
  • Garnet River
  • Mishika River
  • Tibah River
  • Sand River
  • Mennowa River
  • Beaver River
  • Fiori River
  • Emmet/Emmett River

River 2 Committee

R2 Committee
Territory Owner
Alormen Collaborative
Tejoma elindio23
Osaquoya Poston
West Massodeya Collaborative
Mennowa Collaborative
AR120-34 Vacant
AR120-35' Vacant
Nipewa plainoldbread
AR120-44 Vacant

River 3

Running from western AR120-18 northeast to AR120-04

A name has been selected: Bluegill River.




Mountain range data

Interactive map to sketch current results.

Range A

Range A Submissions

  • Craggy Mountains
  • Great Mountains
  • Highland Mountains
  • Spine Mountains
  • Great Western Range
  • Ragged Mountains
  • Stony Mountains
  • Grand Mountains
  • Big Wolf Mountains
  • Santam Mountains
  • Praddallantain Mountains
  • Sierra Pradda Mountains
  • High Astrasia Mountains
  • Iron Mountains
  • Titan Mountains
  • Astrasian Cordilleras
  • Catpaw Mountains
  • Old Rocks
  • Sierra Morena
  • Ashanta Mountains
  • Morelo/Morello Mountains/Sierra
  • Wagnuka (Woodpecker) Mountains
  • The Cordilleras

Range A Committee

Range A Committee
Territory Owner Priority
Alormen Collaborative Primary
Cosperica Collaborative Secondary
Tempache infinatious Secondary
Costa Dorada MappingExpert/Imperator Secondary
Alcortez Forkymapper Primary
Tierra Alta Vacant Primary
Apawiland IiEarth Primary
Atascadera Davierr Primary
Tauhon htx Primary
Sierra Brunanter Primary
Tejoma Vacant Secondary
Riopoderos Geoc3ladus Secondary
Clamash Glauber Primary
Wahauja Vacant Secondary
Aquilia Vacant Secondary
Tennewa Bixelkoven Secondary

Range B

Range B Submissions

  • Annachala Mountains
  • Hatchahaw Mountains
  • Minor Astrasian Mountains
  • Salfalfa Mountains
  • Gooniwan Mountains - from Ojibwe gooniwan snowy, hence Snowy Mountains
  • Vaskatchewat Mountains (vas-cat-chu-waat)
  • Oprey Mountains
  • Dogtooth Mountains
  • Siouxs Mountains
  • Riddler Mountains
  • White Beard Mountains
  • Eastshelf Mountains
  • Black Cat Mountains
  • Chattanooquasca Range
  • Aposaca Mountains
  • Menasserrat Mountains
  • Oshaiwash Mountains - derived from the ojibwe and powhatan for green and blue respectively
  • Migomaki Mountains - derived from ojibwe for Oak
  • Acoondew Mountains - My personal favorite, derived from powhatan for blue berries (possible variations: Acondow, Acondew)
  • Asphale Mountains - derived from lenape/deleware for rising

Range B Committee

Range B Committee
Territory Owner Priority
Randalia* Y Knott Secondary
Fellshire yoyo21 Primary
AR120-26 Vacant Primary
Michisaukee Collaborative Primary
Caroline Abdy Primary
Wilthamshire iBallasticwolf2 Primary
Gilliad Jarrodcamo Primary
AR120-35 Vacant Primary
Nipewa plainoldbread Primary
New Carnaby Collaborative Primary
Taviani ZyrellfromJB Primary
Ardencia* Collaborative Secondary


The Grand Lakes, as they are commonly known, are a collection of several large lakes in the southwestern Federal States. The lakes, for the most part, are hydrologically connected and generally flow from west to east, ultimately draining northeast out of Lake Leighton and down the Alormen River to the Gulf of Alormen. The lakes are fully navigable and are important avenues for commerce; numerous manmade canals exist throughout the region to provide more direct shipping channels and expand the reach of waterborne transportation.

In the below sketch, all lakes shown except "K" are considered part of the Grand Lakes system, although there are canonically six "major" lakes (or seven, depending on how one counts). Note that names in italics only impact a single state and, as such, may be changed based on the stateowner's wishes. Lake elevations, names, and sketch taken from this resolved forum thread.

Luciano Screenshot Grand Lakes v2.png

Letter Name Elevation (m) Headwaters Outflow Bordering States Notes
A Lake Leighton 159 Lake Wihinapa (via Leighton River) Alormen River Mennowa, Zakahigan, Makaska, AR120-36
B Lake Wihinapa 166 Lake Ashani (via Kahsaka River), Lake Ohunkagan (via Lake Tiberus/Morningsong River) Lake Leighton (via Leighton River) Makaska, Wisecota (+2 Ardencian provinces) Also connected to Lake Ohunkagan via Portage Bay and Lake Maroney via canal.
C Lake Ashani 172 Ardencian rivers Lake Wihinapa (via Kahsaka River) Wisecota, Ossasitan (+1 Ardencian province) Also connected to Lake Wihinapa via Isthmus Lakes State Park in Wisecota. While connected to the Grand Lakes network, status as a "Grand Lake" is debatable as it was added later in an unofficial capacity.
D Lake Ohunkagan 178 Lake Seneppi (via Maya River, Apple River) Lake Wihinapa (via Lake Tiberus/Morningsong River) Makaska Located entirely within the state of Makaska. Officially hydrologically separate from Lake Seneppi/Minnehunkou, but elevation only differs by one meter.
E Lake Seneppi 179 Lake Sauganash (via unmapped river in AR120-54) Lake Ohunkagan (via Maya River, Apple River) AR120-54, Iroquesia, AR120-52, Zakahigan, Makaska Hydrologically a single lake, but north and south halves were named separately by early explorers. Also connected more directly to Lake Sauganash via canal through Wallawaukee; current mapped waterbody (river? canal?) in AR120-57 as well.
F Lake Minnehunkou AR120-57, Nishowigan, AR120-54, Makaska (+2 Ardencian provinces)
G Lake Sauganash 188 Lake Betaouais (via Tenohasha River) Lake Seneppi (via unmapped river in AR120-54) Minnonigan, Iroquesia, AR120-54, Nishowigan Also connected to Lake Amanecer via the Ondassagam Waterway network in Minnonigan.
H Lac Hanyala 190 various Ardencian rivers unknown No FSA states While canals are present, natural connections to the Grand Lakes system are unclear based on existing mapping. Similar to Lake Ashani, status as "Grand Lake" is debatable.
I Lake Betaouais 193 Lake Amanecer (via Nishaukee River) Lake Sauganash (via Tenohasha River) Nishowigan, AR120-57 (+2 Deodecan provinces) River connecting Lake Amanecer and Lake Betaouais non-navigable due to small waterfalls; navigable canal located entirely within Deodeca. Also connected to Lake Minnehunkou via Gasconnay waterbody; unclear if natural river or manmade canal network.
J Lake Amanecer 202 various rivers Lake Betaouais (via Nishaukee River) Minnonigan (+2 Deodecan provinces) Outflow non-navigable due to small waterfalls; navigable Deodecan canal available, as well as inland Ondassagam Waterway linking to Lake Sauganash.
K Crescent Lake 175 various rivers unknown No FSA states In the general region, but not considered a Grand Lake. Hydrologically unconnected from the Grand Lakes.
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