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Welcome to the project/planning stage for planning and coordinating work of AR335. AR335, officially known as Arecales, is a Federal States overseas territory and is located in the Ardentic Ocean, east of Commonia and the Archantan continent and west of Pelanesia. AR335 is a volcanic island chain, for which human settlement and activity is centered around F.S. military presence in various installations.


«That be the same little island we made you governor of on our last little trip»

Brunanter is the coordinator of AR335.


AR335 is a group of five small islands, with the main island being the center of population, economic activity. Other islands include two flat sandy cays, and two higher volcanic islands. Below is a more detailed description.

The big one is actually about 60km long, so there will be a larger town and a couple of villages. Geography wise, the two round islands will be volcanoes, for which the westernmost exhibits activity and recurring minor, not veryexplosive eruptions, and the southern one is extinct. The northern islet will be largely flat, with lots of sand and some low-lying vegetation. All these islands will be protected areas. A fairly biodiverse area, with many birds, some lizards, lots of insects and fish, being well in the tropics. Climate wise, probably hot and humid, with a drier winter and wet rainy season. A lot of the local economy will be centered around the military, with secondary economic activity likely touristic, ie. nature excursions to see wildlife, volcanoes, and people coming for beaches as the only tropical part of the FSA and primary, such as growing fruit, fishing. Military-wise, I planned two facilities on the island. The western one is a radar and tracking station, for monitoring/detecting vessels and aircraft, and can be used for satellite tracking, rocket (manned and weapon) observation and tracking if we ever have a space agency. The bigger eastern one should have lots of naval facilities for refueling on longer ship deployments, will host vessels for regional patrolling of the waters for national security/force projection, anti-piracy/smuggling activities etc. The same will also have a large airstrip and air force facilities, can be used by long-range bombers and transport aircraft for refueling/forward staging (some bombers can be stationed there on a permanent basis too)

Collaborative work areas

File:AR335 working areas.png
Prospective editing areas

The territory is divided into six work areas, three natural and three with human activity. Given that the territory is quite small, having three editors with the coordinator should be enough to oversee editing of the territory.

No. Description Notes Editor Prog.
1 Volcanic island Untouched nature, volcano is active Infrarrojo COMPLETE
2 Flat, sandy cays No human activity should exist Lithium COMPLETE
3 Volcanic island Untouched nature Brunanter COMPLETE
4 NW end of big island, has the main town, village and military facility Should have little development at northern end, big town should have many facilities and tourist amenities Rhiney boi BEGUN
5 SE end of big island, has second village and naval base Should have naval base and docks, harbor, and various other amenities for tourists/naval personnel Lithium IN PROGRESS
6 Air Force base/civilian airport Mapping in the base should be a lot more American than elsewhere on the island. Brunanter IN PROGRESS
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