Economy of Eshein

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Eshen Colen

Eshen Colen () (ISO code: ESC) ['ɛʃɛn kɔːlən] is the official and the only currency used in Eshein. It is unclear whether the name "Colen" comes from the Ingerish word "Colony") or from a shortage the previous name of Eshein, "New Colsex". The Eshen people started calling it Colen as slang, which eventually became the official name of the Eshen currency after the Eshen Revolutionary War.

The Colen is devided into 100 Zents and as of 1980 the the royal bank of Eshein prints banknotes of 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€ and 100€ and mints coins of 0.1€, 0.2€, 0.5€, 1€.


Value Value in USD Main color Front Back Year of issue
1 2.36 $ Silver Thomas Williams and the battle of south Eym 2013
5 11.8 $ Green Richard Yur and the battle of Autumnbound 2016
10 23.6 $ Yellow Queen Angela Halensk and Blaovær Palace, New Tyrrin 2015
20 47.2 $ Red Emilie Nuehaus and the coat of arms of Eshein 2016
50 118 $ Blue Thomas Kluckghongen,the Eshen contitution and the Folkhergen (Parliament), New Tyrrin 2014
100 236 $ Purple Margaret Arkson; the Eshen flag, "The Second Crowner", and Arkson Museum, Northriver 2015