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Official announcements

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This forum is for official announcements from the administrative team about OpenGeofiction, the site, its services, and for community notifications. Search the forums

Official announcements
Topic Last edit
Wiki server upgrade22:26, 15 April 2024 by Wangi
Beware FastDraw - Simplify22:51, 4 February 2024 by Wangi
West Uletha updates, May 202316:44, 1 May 2023 by Alessa
Can you help - OGF-specific iD editor?16:45, 30 November 2022 by Wangi
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team - JOSM training12:33, 21 November 2022 by Wangi
New coastline process08:13, 20 July 2022 by Wangi
Rules of the sea - shipping lines20:05, 16 May 2022 by Wangi
Render issues08:48, 30 March 2022 by Wangi
Territory applications, templates and old wiki09:27, 18 February 2022 by Wangi