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Can you help enhance OpenGeofiction for mappers who use the OpenStreetMapW.svg iD editor? We're looking for community members with JavaScript programming experience to help us out with this.

Just now the version we have running on the site has changes to update naming (OSM>OGF) and change the available mapping layer. But we'd like to go a step further:

  1. Replace all OpenStreetMap references (naming and links) to OpenGeofiction, ideally in an extensible way which can be merged upstream
  2. Use an OGF specific map layers list
  3. Build up a list OGF-specific tagging defaults, to replace the real-world ones (e.g. brands) which are in iD by default
    • This is a particular struggle for us - we disallow real-world brands, but have them available in "our" iD
    • This is would replace the current name suggestion index (NSI) with one based off of content on this wiki
  4. Review help content and edit as required

If you have the right skill set, and can help us out, please reply here or email. Thanks/wangi (talk) 14:02, 16 September 2022 (UTC)