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Rough sketch of the location

Mayor told me to make a forum post for this since the committees were dissolved so I hope I'm doing this right- I'm making a proposal to have an army training base (similar to Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC) in Morganton, Ogdalen, named Fort Hampton (named after Bailey Hampton, who is some kind of military leader from Ogdalen). I've attached a (very) loose sketch of my plans below; the fort will be around the same size as Fort Jackson, and the "main area" of the base, with housing, barracks, facilities, etc. will be located in the eastern part closest to Morganton. I'm also going to change the geography of the rivers and roads in the area to fit the fort. Morganton, which has a population of around 100k and a metro population of 200k, will be mostly centered around the fort, similar to Jacksonville, NC, or a smaller version of Fayetteville. Does anyone have any thoughts on this plan or improvements I could make? Icefur2 (talk) 21:47, 9 September 2023 (UTC)