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For reference when working on Ingerland's history, here is the old timeline of Ingerish colonial history. No doubt it'll need a lot of revision!

Timeline of Ingerish colonial history

This page is a timeline for the colonial history of Ingerland, helping historians to understand the spread of Ingerish language and culture throughout the world.




  • 1203: Ingerish boats sailing across the straight of Abren settled en southern Egani, but a few weeks later the Eganian inhabitants of the surrounding villages expelled them.

*1204: The Ingerish-led Knight Venturers arrive in Devnun, Ionadàlba and Tircambry to assist in the Caeltig struggle against Norðmanni raiders. They succeeded in ousting the Norðmanni from Devnun and Tircambry, but remained and conquer Devnun over the next century, renaming it Wesmandy.



  • 1410: Pretany was a prime target for Ingerland due to the massive walls already in place. To avoid a war and full out invasion from Ingerland's massive miliarty, the newly crowned King Beglidere, shortly after his own invasion and conquering of Pretany, signed the Decleration of Ingerish Penal Ownership. The decleration allowed Inglerland to build a series of prison forts throughout the country. Once nearly 400,000 prisoners were transported, Ingerland's military retreated, leaving the prisoners in pretanic control, and a period of Isolationism increased as surrounding countries started to place pressure on Pretany to allow trading rights to resources in the land rich nation.


*1540: Ingerish Colonists reach the coasts of what is now Nature and Freedemia in an expedition along Western Tarephia. During the expedition, the Colonists established a permanent settlement what is now Valaga. (see basic idea at Talk:Temporary Page- History of Narghana and Freedemia)

Ingerish would still reach the coast of what is now Freedemia around this time, however location has changed and Nature no longer exists
  • 1544: Ingerish colonist first visit the area of what is now the State of Verona, Paroy
  • 1547: Melwick established as first Ingerish settlement in current Paroyan borders.
  • 1599: Ingerish colonists first sail across the Gulf of Alora and land at Sidney Landing.


  • 1600: Ingerish colonists sail across the Chiawaukm Narrows and found the settlement of Ann Seton.
  • 1612: Foundation of Ingerish Veronan Colonies, nowadays Western Paroy
  • 1616: Ingerland seizes the colony of New Cambria from Rhysiog. It will rename the colony to Cambria in the 1620s.
  • 1624: Dasgrundia gains independence from the Ingerish Empire. The rest of the peninsula (Lantian Peninsula) joins shortly after.
  • 1637: Ingerland buys rights to Wiwaxia, starts colonization in earnest.
  • 1647: Rikan War of Independence starts, and Ingerish troops fight against Rikan rebels.
  • 1648: Ingerish Reedemian colonial heads violate a truce with Tierra Redimidan forces and capture the shared trading hub of Jhuandan sparking a series of land wars between the two colonies that would intensify throughout the next 50+ years.
  • 1651: The colony of St Austell is separated from Cambria.
  • 1653: The colony of Avalon is separated from Cambria.
  • 1662: Following a financial crisis, Avalon is returned to Cambria.
  • 1669: Rikan War of Independence ends with Rikan victory. Ingerland keeps New Gelland and Wesgen, which compromises the area around Newport and Genota.
  • 1674: Ingerland occupied the State of "Gaermanspachiger" from Mergany and turned it into the "Colony of New Colsex"
  • 1677: First Ingerish colonists settle at Kings Harbour, Onnutu.
  • 1690's: Wesgenian Revolution lasts from 1691 to 1696, and ends with an independent New Gelland and Wesgen.
  • 1696: After a brief war against Bai forces in Kuehong, Vang Ngat became an Ingerish territory controlled by the Axian-Ardentic Ingerish Company for a 150-year lease.


  • 1722: Wiwaxia breaks completely from Ingerland.
  • 1725: St Austell and Cambria declare independence from Ingerland.
  • 1727:
  • 1733:
  • 1737: Ingerland (along with Castellan & Cabelia) recognize Free Reedemian independence, treaty name tbd
  • 1742: The New Colsex Treaty is signed as an agreement between the New-Colsexish Ingrans to the New-Colsexish Mergans about territory (creation of the two states) and collaborations between the two states.
  • 1753: Colony of Aul founded as a colony of Ingerland
  • 1764: Kadmar Colony is claimed as an Ingerish colony in Antarephia after the Ingerans established a first settlement called Magenta in the Estuary of the Kadmar River
  • 1765: Pretany had grown to 7 Million at the 1770 census with the signing of the Penal Trade Agreement of 1765 when all Ingerish prisoners were set free. A massive wave of Ingerish culture spread throughout the kingdom. Many Ingerish named villages expanded into cities at this time.
  • 1773:
    • Glaster leases land around the Isle of Reyston to Ingerland, allowing them a trading point.
    • The Ingerish managed to signed a trade pact with the Nabibians, enforcing close alliances with each other.
  • 1774: Republic of Aul is founded as an independent nation although it collapses soon after.
  • 1781: Republic of Aul merges with the Great Kalmish Empire and becomes the Duchy of Auleus
  • 1790: Ingerish land on and claim Nahuwa Atoll.


  • 1801: Ingerland proceeds to invade the rest of Glaster.
  • 1806: Eshen Revolutionary War- Queen Angela established an army in order to conquer New Colsex and to establish there a new kingdom. The Ingrans lost the war and Eshein was founded.
  • 1808: Ingerland manages to occupy the whole of Glaster.
  • 1814:
    • Ingerland establishes the first permanent settlement on Nahuwa Atoll.
    • Iscu gains independence from Ingerland
  • 1823: Ingerland withdraws from North Glaster, creating a puppet state in its wake. Treaty of Mealle signed with Wyster, cementing it.
  • 1849: Kadmar gains independence from Ingerland on May 19th and becomes Leresso.
  • 1858: Kings Harbour, Onnutu is destroyed by volcanic eruption. Colonial administration of Onnutu is moved to Leluwa.
  • 1890: Ingerland assumes control of Khaiwoon.
  • 1892: Ingerland sails south of Khaiwoon and assumes control of Lallemand's South Island.
  • 1899: Frogtown founded by a group led by Zachary Beck.


  • 1910: Pagbo's and Okoro's go to war with Ingerland. Yorugbo's stay neutral.
  • 1914: Pagbo's catch Ingerish disease and begin to die off.
  • 1925: Ingerish settler's catch strange disease that kills 61% of victims.
  • 1932: Lallemand peacefully secedes with Ingerish majority controlling the government.
  • 1934:
    • Khaiwoon granted independence, Ingerland retains control of Straits Fort.
    • South Glaster is granted home rule.
  • 1943: Paroy incorporated in the Ingerish Commonwealth
  • 1945: South Glaster sends troops in to fight a communist revolution in North Glaster.
  • 1960: Onnutu granted home rule.
  • 1965: Paroy leaving the Ingerish Commonwealth
  • 1970: Straits Fort returned to Khaiwoonese control.
  • 1978: Onnutu granted independence.
  • 1979: South Glaster declares independence, Reyston Nationalist insurgents attempt to invade Glaster.
  • 1983
    • Glaster's independence recognised.
    • Sovereignty of Nahuwa Atoll transferred to Onnutu.
  • 1990: Lallemand has for the first time more indigenous people in government than Ingerish origin. 34% to 32%.


Was this old timeline created sometime before the inception of the FSA? I believe that Ingerland originally colonised what is now the Federal States, so that'll need to be pencilled in. But I don't think there's been any solid date for when things started there. Are we to presume independence occurred sometime shortly prior to 1759, which was the decided election of the first President, Louis Huntington? --Aces California (talk) 20:30, 21 November 2023 (UTC)