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In an effort to create a sense of consistency across Ingerland can I propose we make a note here of retail and commercial company names so that other mappers can use them. I am working on mapping the centre of Salmouth and I'd like to add some shops and offices but I'd like to use brands that will be used consistently through Ingerland.


  • Freshmarket - Tesco
    Freshmarket Express
  • Eaco (EAstern COunties Food Stores) - ASDA
    Eaco Local
  • Allerdale's - Sainsbury's
    Allerdale's Metro
  • Eller & Cole - Waitrose


Other Shops


  • Bridges - Boots
  • Savermed - Superdrug


  • Stowfordes - Waterstones
  • AGW - WHSmith

Department Stores

  • Eamon Jones - John Lewis
  • Peters and Scott - M&S
  • Lewishead's - Debenhams