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Hello fellow mappers,

I'm currently mapping on BG21 territory (named Arténie) and it's quite fun to map on OGF.

I'm also looking forward to map on one of the other OGF continents as well in the future (Archanta, Antarephia, West and East Uletha) and all of them have interesting concepts. The thing is, I've been editing for 3 weeks only (it's fresh) and I don't really know which continent to choose for a future territory aplication. If possible, I will keep some of the settlements made so far by me for the future.

In regard of my current mapping (which is still in progress, because I would like to map outside Arténie-Ville, for instance a natural land, a middle city and 1 or 2 villages), I'm ready to take any advice and feedback to improve it and to work towards a future territory application on a continent.

Best regards


Take your time in regards to scouting out new territory locations. As you've said, you've only been mapping in BG21 for three weeks or so, and you'll need some more experience before making the leap to a "canon" territory. Also keep in mind that those four continents each have different cultures, climates, etc., so I recommend trying to figure out what you want to map, then try to figure out where would be a good fit for it. Uletha is generally our "old world" continent; North Archanta is something of an African/Asian hybrid while South Archanta is more like the Americas; and Antarephia doesn't really have a real-world parallel at all (but Aiki has done a great job providing more context and information about the different regions of Antarephia).
Hope this helps! --TheMayor (talk) 17:49, 10 February 2023 (UTC)

Thanks TheMayor for your feedback, I appreciate it. Thank you also for the informations about the continents on OGF, that's really helpful. With that said, I will probably look for a place on Uletha or Antarephia in the future, but I will keep practicing mapping for now.

I have some rough ideas about what I want to map (what comes in my mind right now as I map Arténie is a Franquese-style country with a highly centralised state, a very dense capital city which concentrates 1 third of the country's population, some middle cities and lots of villages/hamlets). I will put these things onto practice in my BG territory and keep mapping it.

Best regards

Sweetykid (talk) 21:39, 10 February 2023 (UTC)