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So admin just added a lot of cool custom OGF-specific tags (see Help:Tagging) that are integrated with the wiki for worldbuilding. For a lot of the tags, it's kind of something that countries can decide for themselves without too much concern for what's around them, but I did notice though that voltage and frequency (see Index:Mains electricity) tended to be things that were often the same or similar across regions, and it seemed like something we'd logically try to get a moderate degree of consistency across our region.

To be clear, this doesn't have to be uniform across all of our countries, and I'd imagine it will NOT be TCC mandated. However, since some of us had started discussing it, it seemed logical to bring it here just so people have something to go off of if they're deciding based on their neighbors.

As of right now, I believe Allendea (based on the wiki & OGF data spreadsheet) Barzona, Freedemia, and Cabelia (based on discussions with their mappers) have adopted or are planning to adopt 230V/50Hz as our voltage and frequency standard and Type C/F outlets as our outlet type standard.

Of course, countries can reasonably decide for themselves, and in the real world there are sometimes exceptions within regions, but figured it'd be good to post this and potentially try for some consistency.

--Ernestpkirby (talk) 18:51, 26 May 2022 (UTC)

I'll also note that it looks like Teotiyolcan is 110V/60Hz from the map so there could probably be a cluster of countries nearby it that uses that too. --Ernestpkirby (talk) 18:54, 26 May 2022 (UTC)