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AR120-16 - Hyde

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Hyde, officially the Commonwealth of Hyde, is a constituent state in the southeastern Federal States. It borders on the Ardentic Ocean to the east, Passamaqueets and Thermond to the north, Astrantia to the west, Perchorsee Isles Nature Reserve and the Perchorsee Bay to the south. Hyde is one of the smallest FSA states by area, with an area of 4101.76 sq mi (10623.51 km2). There are thick forests and mountains in the north, low-density rural farms in the interior, denser suburbs and cities along the south and east coasts of the mainland, a large island 3 miles off the coast named Noscitick Island (I will likely fragment/alter this island), and fishing/beach towns along the east coast of that island. The interior elevation is mostly low-lying with some forested 100-300ft hills in the southeast mainland and down the center ridge of Noscitick island. Several bays distinctly shape its coast. Worthington is the state capital and largest city, at the middle of the Atwick Sound and the mouth of the Green River. Hyde features numerous topographically distinctive regions. The Trinity Islands are composed of Atwick, St. Mary Holy Island, and other adjacent small islands and islets. The large coastal plain, known as Coastal Hyde, contains most major cities of the state including Worthington, Port Eleanor and Wearhead, where the Autumn River Valley and the Foryoke River Valley lie. Along the border with Thermond and Passamaqueets is the forest-protected Norottuck Watershed as part of the Norottuck Region, and immediately west along the border with Astrantia and Thermond are the highest peaks in the state (around 900ft) featuring fantastic skiing mountains and views. red means forest, beige-gray means protected forest, orange means suburb/low-density town, light blue means city/high-density town, dark blue means farming/fishing/rural, and i would have filled more dark blue into the mainland but it would’ve looked too crazy.

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Hyde is one of the least populous states of the FSA, with about 1.4 million inhabitants and a population density of 351 per square mile as of 2022. Hyde's HDI is 0.948 as of 2020, is an above-average state in GDP per capita, and is an average state in education, poverty, and crime levels. There are many highways in Hyde, here is a photo of all motorways and trunks I propose including many current ones: Hyde has rail connections to its major cities and High Speed Rail runs through the state on the Newport to Burton corridor (similar to Acela).

There are 61 municipalities in Hyde, grouped into 3 counties. The three counties from west to east are Wandsport, Worthing and Atwick. There are no county governments, like other Southeast Region states. Instead, municipalities hold many of the responsibilities and powers of local government, and are the fundamental political entities of the state. Hyde county governments were abolished by the state legislature in 1964. The counties are still used only for purely geographical and statistical purposes. Of the 61 municipalities of the state, 13 are located in Atwick County, 24 in Worthing County and 24 in Wandsport County. According to the Hyde Census Bureau, 49 municipalities are Towns while the remaining 12 municipalities are Cities (New Atwick, Worthington, Earkers, Port Eleanor, Greenboro, Stoneham, Islington, Rockland, Autumn River, Saint Anne, Waltmore and Wearhead).

The capital of Hyde is Worthington. The state is organized into three branches of government: the executive branch, consisting of the governor, the Governor's Council, the cabinet and independently elected state constitutional officers; the legislative branch, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives; and the judicial branch consisting of the Hyde Court System. The state also allows ballot propositions: direct participation of the electorate by initiative, referendum, recall, and ratification. All the state constitutional officers, including the governor and lieutenant governor, are directly elected.

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The state name, Hyde, is attributed to Charles Hyde Quentins, one of the first bishops of the Federal States, whose congregation argued that the name arose after having survived a terrible storm on the high seas and having miraculously arrived on the island. Andrew Fletcher, captain of the Atwick, attributed his arrival to the island to the prayer to the Holy Trinity that the religious group (led by Quentins) made a few moments ago, and therefore gave the island and subsequent colony Quentins's middle name. The name was made official in legislature during Ingerland's colonization of Hyde. It remained in use for the state after independence from Ingerland. Around 200,000 from the Noscitick native tribe inhabited most of Hyde before colonization. Colonizers from Ingerland, Cinasia, Bai, CCA, and Deodeca replaced the native population in the 17th and early-20th century immigration booms. Currently, 71.2% of Hydeans are white Effesians, 7.0% are Deodecans, 5.8% are Central Archantans, and 3.4% are those of Bai and Cinasian descent.

I'm not much of a history buff so I'm looking to develop or get help with developing further history on Hyde. Generally, Hyde utilizes a fishing industry, tourism, prestigious colleges which fuel the tech industry, and agriculture. Most settlers arrived on the coasts in the 1600s, developed the interior in the 1700s, and further expanded in succeeding centuries. Noscitick Island has a Jersey Shore and Cape May inspiration while the mainland's coast is inspired by Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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CharlieG (talk) 02:43, 18 February 2022 (UTC)

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I'd be happy to provide more details as needed, but right now it is late, I have an essay due, and I am tired, so I will leave this application be. Thanks everyone!

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
I think your proposed motorway network is a bit overbuilt and I'd recommend simplifying it pretty significantly, but otherwise this is a terrific application and I'm happy to approve it. -Mayor