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UL23d=Northen Land of Averdeen

Noun Project Map icon 1463108.svgPhysical geography
An overview of climate, topography and landscape of the country. It is advised to also create a sketch, you can add a link to this (hosted on imgur or similar) Despite a Nordic climate, Averdeen (short name for the Northen Lands of Averdeen) has many advantages: the south is rich in agricultural possibilities (some cereal crops and especially livestock) as well as forestry. The main cities are also located in this part of the country, particularly along the coast (fishing ports). The capital, Averdeen, is situated on the south shore. As one moves further north and west, the country becomes wilder and mountainous.

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Human presence in Averdeen has been attested for thousands of years: there was a time when the climate was more pleasant, favoring the presence of hunters and early agricultural settlements. This is evidenced by the remains of a large camp found near the capital, Averdeen, and numerous sites, especially along the southern coast. Later, over 1000 years ago, sailors came and established trading posts along the country's coasts, and sometimes ventured inland through the valleys. The native Averdeenians blended with the various populations that came here, forming a vigorous nation. The population is mainly concentrated in the southern part of the country, where the climate is slightly more favorable. However, the valleys in the north are also inhabited.

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Main resources: Fishing, both at sea and in rivers. Averdeenian canneries are renowned and export their products worldwide.
Industry: iron mines in the north; geothermal energy; timber. Self-sufficient gas exploitation for the country's energy needs.
Agriculture: barely self-sufficient nowadays, it is mainly focused on sheep and cattle farming. In the south, there are some cereal crops. Experimentation with geothermally heated greenhouse cultivation allows for a variety of local supplies. Marine and river fish farming.
Audio-visual production: in connection with the establishment of a high-tech industry (see further below), the government has fostered the emergence of an audio-visual production sector for filming series in studios. It is surprising to discover, in the vicinity of the capital and in this country, a city entirely dedicated to these productions. This economic choice attempts to overcome the structural difficulties posed by the country's climate and geography. Indeed, the series filmed here in studios are exported everywhere, often under foreign licenses. Filming directly in English facilitates exportation.
The country's natural landscapes are also exploited in the film industry.
Tourism: it is a sector in full development, favored by a nature rich in possibilities. Vast mountainous natural spaces in the north, glaciers, and Nordic skiing.
Archaeology: rock art. Ruins in the valleys (Avederdeen site, Neolithic "Palace" of Gorvün, wooden churches, etc.).

Scientific missions: One of the local peculiarities is the hosting of international scientific missions for the study of geothermal energy and glaciers. Several meteorological stations and a marine life observatory.

Infrastructure: The southern part of the country is well-equipped with good-quality roads and a few railways, while the rest of the country remains underdeveloped. It is true that the Nordic climate does not favor the maintenance of costly infrastructure in good condition. The roads are often gravel paths. There is an international airport in Averdeen and several airstrips in the country.

Culture and languages: The country has three languages. The most common is currently English, but Averdeenian (the native language) is still widely used. Then comes French, due to the historical presence of French settlers established on the coast in the 17th century (fishing outpost). It is not uncommon to find indications in these three languages. However, all official documents are written in English. This English is a local variant of classical English but remains perfectly understandable. The French encountered is rather archaic, blending native Averdeenian vocabulary and English. English also has its own share of Averdeenian-specific vocabulary.

Religion: There is no official religion, but the dominant culture is Protestant Christianity. Numerous monasteries once existed, often the foundation of villages or towns, but only one monastic community remains in Averdeen.

Political organization: Officially, Averdeen is a kingdom. However, the reality is somewhat different because while the Averdeenian royal family still exists, it has no power or role in the country's affairs. Since the 19th century, the country has been managed by an Intendant, assisted by a government and a Deliberation Assembly. The country is divided into seven counties, each with an elected representation in the Deliberation Assembly.
Political life is rather calm: although there are two political parties, it is difficult to speak of right or left. With barely 5 million inhabitants, the country resembles a peaceful province.

Currency: Averdeenian Pound. (Approximately $5 US.)

Standard of living: As a country with interesting resources, turning towards high-tech industries such as electronics (component manufacturing), the standard of living is not very high compared to Western standards. However, the cost of living is also low, thanks in particular to local energy resources (gas). However, the importation of hydrocarbons and food products weighs on the economic balance.

Demographics: Declining. The country's climate does not attract people! Winters are long and often harsh. Despite attractive financial incentives for settling in Averdeen and a relatively low tax rate, the country struggles to retain young graduates. To counter this problem, the government has been focusing on the development of a high-tech industry and university research for the past few years. In this regard, the University of Averdeen has gained a good reputation.

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Dear Allenpatrick, thank you for your toughtful and interesting application. I see that you already created some nice villages and even realistic buildings, which is very commendable for a beginner especially. At this point in time, your mapping experience is not yet quite sufficient to attain a privately owned territory. Please continue mapping some more in blue territories; you are also encouraged to apply for a beginner territory as described in OpenGeofiction:Territory administration. Mapping from those territories can be transferred easily to your private territory later on if you wish so. After some more practice and mapping examples, we can revisit your application, be it for this or for a different territory. A few comments to consider when renewing your application:

  • Please relate your application to the framwork laid out in OpenGeofiction:East Uletha, especially regarding climate/geography and historical language dispersion.
  • Please provide a sketch of your country. Consult Help:Making_realistic_countries.
  • Please sign every comment or post by putting 4 "~"-signs at the end; they will turn into a timestamped signature upon posting.

Fell free to reach out in case of any further questions. Kind regards, Leowezy (talk) 21:43, 6 June 2023 (UTC)

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Housekeeping closing of stale application/wangi (talk) 08:04, 28 August 2023 (UTC)
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