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OpenGeofiction is a free service, run and hosted by hobbyists with a common goal of mapping. While the site is free to use, donations of any size to help defray costs are welcome and appreciated.

A message from Luciano

During the years when Thilo was hosting the site, he very generously provided the site's hosting out of his own pocket. With the transition to new hosting, I expect costs have gone up some. The site is free for users to use, but the servers where is hosted are not free. Therefore, we are making it possible for users to donate to support our hosting costs.

Below is a summary of my current financial status with respect to OpenGeofiction hosting. This information is presented for the sake of maximal transparency, which I believe is appropriate since I'm asking people to make donations to support this work. The current monthly costs are approximately $225 per month. I think it is also important for people to understand that I average about 5-10 hours per week managing the servers and keeping things running. Please know that I do not expect or ask for compensation for my time; this is my hobby, and it is fun. I additionally support other geofiction-related servers out of my own pocket, including the planet Arhet, some development servers, and the ogfsrtm server which supports contours on the ogf-topo layer.

Please also note this important pledge: If costs are met or exceeded by donations, I can look into upgrades or additional infrastructure for the site, including making the render server bigger and faster, working to set up Nominatim (a "find" button), or working to set up routing and route-finding. I am not running to make money. Donations above and beyond costs will be reinvested in the site.

General accounting

Server costs

As of 1 August 2022

  • OGF Servers
    • api - Opengeofiction "rails port" and apidb : $80 / month
    • tiles04 - Opengeofiction render server: $80 / month
    • ogfwiki - Opengeofiction overpass, overpass-turbo, wiki: $20 / month
    • ogfsrtm - Opengeofiction topo layer processing $40 / month - Luciano is currently bearing the cost of this server separately from the main OGF stack
    • shapefiles - Opengeofiction coastline and contours processing: $5 / month - shapefiles was shut down mid July, 2022, functionality shifted to api server
    • periodic backups (pro-rated for OGF machines): about $45 / month

History of OGF spending

  • August, 2021: approximately $400.00 (included some one-time set-up costs that do not carry over month-to-month)
  • September, 2021: approximately $350.00
  • October, 2021: approximately $350.00
  • November, 2021: approximately $320.00 (some scaling back on server usage... should be even lower next month)
  • December, 2021: approximately 270.00
  • January, 2022: approximately 270.00
  • February, 2022: approximately 270.00
  • March, 2022: approximately 270.00
  • April, 2022: approximately 270.00
  • May, 2022: approximately 270.00
  • June, 2022: 237.50 (more precise now, because of new categorizations on linode charge summary)
  • July, 2022: 237.50
  • August, 2022: 225.50
  • September, 2022: 229.28

History of donations received

  • Patreon monthly donations income
    • August, 2021: $130.14
    • September, 2021: $182.06
    • October, 2021: $243.46
    • November, 2021: $276.60
    • December, 2021: $245.36
    • January, 2022: $262.01
    • February, 2022: $240.48
    • March, 2022: $226.02
    • April, 2022: $209.47
    • May, 2022: $209.47
    • June, 2022: $207.07
    • July, 2022: $202.82
    • August, 2022: $203.37
    • September, 2022: $143.84
  • One-time-donations income
    • 2021 to date: $473.77
    • 2022 to date: $0

Note: Patreon income not related to OGF has been deducted from totals.

How to donate

Donations are accepted through Luciano's Patreon page or by Ethereum crypto: 0x3497c320D8FC2Bc26a9953336352B816b3248737.

Thank you to all who have contributed! Please enjoy the results.