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OpenGeofiction (OGF) is a collaborative platform for creating fictional maps run and operated by hobbyists from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, occupations, and ages. Because the site values realism in mapping and world-building, we interact with matters of culture, economics, politics, religion, and more. Although we maintain policies of civility, no user contribution should be construed as a site-wide endorsement of any philosophy or religious exercise. Similarly, elements of conflict, economic stratification, or social practice found in mapping or world-building do not reflect the views of OpenGeofiction as a platform or body public. We strive to protect the right for all users in our dynamic, global community to hold to their wide range of beliefs and practices, and questions about individual aspects of mapping should be reserved for their creators.

OpenGeofiction a hobbyist site of persons in free association and not a business enterprise. Hosting is supported by our members, through technical support and donations to help with cost-sharing. The site is free to join and use, but many users have graciously elected to pitch in and help cover costs of running the servers and maintaining the website.

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