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International Red Shield Movement
Non-Governmental Organization
Administrative center(s)15 Seabright Cross
Hexagonia City, Cinq Îles
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese

The Red Shield (formally the International Red Shield Movement) is a non-governmental organization based in Hexagonia City, Tigeria and was founded to protect human life and health, ensure respect for all human beings, and alleviate human suffering. It was established in the middle of the nineteenth century with the aim of providing humanitarian aid to wounded soldiers on battlefields around the world. Since its founding, the powers of the Red Shield have been expanded several times by the Cap Amistade Accords, influencing and being influenced by various developments of international humanitarian law around the world.

The Red Shield Movement consists of several organizations united under common principles, objectives, emblems, and operations. These organizations are the following:

  • The International Committee of the Red Shield has unique authority under the Cap Amistade Accords to protect the lives and dignities of victims in international and internal armed conflicts.
  • The International Network of Red Shield Societies coordinates activities among the National Red Shield Societies to lead operations providing relief assistance to areas impacted by major humanitarian and natural disasters around the world.
  • The National Red Shield Societies work within their home countries in accordance with international humanitarian law as well as the laws of their home countries. They often provide additional humanitarian services not mandated under international humanitarian law or by the international movement. The National Red Shield Societies usually coordinate with their home nation's local health systems to provide emergency medical services to various communities around their home nations.


The history of the Red Shield is intricately tied to the history of the Cap Amistade Accords. In diplomacy, the term accord means international agreement or treaty.

First Cap Amistade Accords

The First Cap Amistade Accords, or the Accords for the Protection and Good Health of the Wounded and Ailing Armed Forces in the Field. These accords were signed in 1854.

Second Cap Amistade Accords

The Second Cap Amistade Accords, or the Accords for the Protection and Good Health of the Wounded, Ailing, and Stranded Armed Forces at Sea. These accords were signed in 1906.

Third Cap Amistade Accords

The Third Cap Amistade Accords, or the Accords for the Treatment of Prisoners of War. These accords were signed in 1932.

Fourth Cap Amistade Accords

The Fourth Cap Amistade Accords, or the Accords for the Protection and Good Health of Civilians in Times of War. These accords were signed in 1948, around the time of the Great War.

Fifth Cap Amistade Accords

The Fifth Cap Amistade Accords, or the Accords for the Conventions of War and the Reaffirmation of the Interdictions on the Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons in War. These accords were signed in 1966, the year the Assembly of Nations was founded.

Sixth Cap Amistade Accords

The Sixth Cap Amistade Accords, or the Accords for the Acquisition and the Destruction of Chemical Weapons. These accords were signed in 1991.

Activities and Organizations

International Committee of the Red Shield (ICRS)

The mission of the ICRS is to protect the human life and dignities of victims of war, coordinate international relief, and promote universal humanitarian law and principles. It is based in Hexagonia City. The ICRS, which derives its mission from the Cap Amistade Accords, is charged with the following:

  • Monitor compliance with the Cap Amistade Accords
  • Lead the Red Shield Movement
  • Organize nursing and care for those wounded on the battlefield
  • Protect prisoners of war
  • Assist searches for missing persons in an armed conflict
  • Organize care and protection of civilian populations
  • Arbitrate between warring parties in armed conflict

International Network of Red Shield Societies (INRSS)

The mission of the INRSS is to lead and organize relief operations to large-scale emergencies through its membership of Red Shield Societies. It is headquartered in Hexagonia City. There are three head regional offices, one each planned to serve the Tarephias, Uletha, and Archanta. Other regional offices exist to serve countries or groups of countries where additional support from the Red Shield is needed.

Red Shield Headquarters, Regional Offices, and Circuit Offices

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National Red Shield Societies

The national Red Shield Societies work within their respective nations to administer the mission of the international movement and execute their duties in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Territories' National Red Shield Offices

The following is the membership of nations hosting National Red Shield Societies:

Directory of National Red Shield Societies
Territory Address and Map Link Notes
Flag of Ardencia.svg Ardencia Rue de la concorde, Saint-Armand, Ardencia
Bandera CAZ.png Azure Coast
Template:Bloregia Dobile Temperwiss, Blöndel, Bloregia
Template:Broceliande allée Guillot, Valoris, Broceliande
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Unnamed Road, Huntington, CD, Federal States
FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Pacolena Boulevard, Gobras City, Gobrassanya
Flag of GZ.png Grinzez Tezhuen Road, Pyapyor, Grinzez
Flag of Guai.svg Guai Huan Kaita, Pirindi, Guai
Iscu.png Iscu
Izaland flag.png Izaland Niho-Kajaringa 1, Shutazai-ku, Sainðaul, Izaland
Flag of Kotel.png Kotel Rue des Jacarandas, Artisanople, Kotel
Flag of Kuehong.png Kuehong 塘公平 Đường Công Bằng, 乌敏 Ô-mắn, 邦咯 Vâng Ngát, 家乡 Quê Hương
MauretiaFlag-new.svg Mauretia Via Isquto Ruyo, Iola, Mauretia
Mergania flag.png Mergania Suidbrug, Mergania
ParoyFlag.png Paroy Toblin Street, Trevers, Verona, Paroy
Template:Pasalia Bog Road, Futuria City, Pasalia
FlagQennes.png Qennes Unnamed Road, Kaună, Erez, Qennes
Template:Shaachrau Islets Weltonmouth Street, 平福 Pình Phúc, Shaachrau Islets
Tempeira Flag.png Tempeira 432 Rua da Beira, Restinga, Tempeira
Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria 555 South Power Plant Road, Hexagonia City, CÎ, Tigeria
Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Studley Road, Saviso, Vodeo

Blood Services

A woman donates blood in the Federal States, 1948.

Blood services make up a significant portion of the Red Shield's activities around the world. The Red Shield assists in blood drives and sale of blood and blood byproducts to hospitals, clinics, and medical research centers.