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Hi! I'm from Finland and I've been on OGF since 2017. My country is Eelanti. You can message me in Finnish or in English (or maybe even Swedish but I'll probably answer in English).

Current Projects

→ Recent edits


I've been working on the central area of the city of Pitkäniemi for quite some time now. I'll be adding more builldings, traffic lights etc. Soon it's time to start mapping suburban areas.

→ Map


Remaking the capital city's central part to be more realistic is in progress. Old mapping has been deleted. Coast lines have been edited partially. New city structure is being created.

→ Map


Adding details to coastlines has been done on the Pitkäniemi peninsula. More to come.

Railways and Main Roads

Making the network more realistic is in progress.

Old Projects


Kärki town area (southernmost tip of the Pitkäniemi peninsula) is currently one of the most detailed areas in Eelanti.

→ Map


My oldest project of detailed mapping. It has some weird tagging etc. that I should fix at some point.

→ Map


Shipping Routes

Eelanti is quite reliant on shipping and is happy to get more shipping connections. Contact me, if you wish to create one and we'll see if it would be a good idea.


Eelanti is open for embassies but the current state of the capital city is not good enough for mapping embassies yet. You can contact me if you want an embassy on your country and/or an embassy in Eelanti in the future.


In the old wiki times, we had a collaboration of countries in Eastern Uletha that Eelanti was part of. I'm still interested in the collaboration if others are and opened a Forum discussion on it.



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