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(apparently we agreed to have embassy in Dregovine but not in Demirhan. Or I am unable to find it.)
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| Jiyu-Furidemya
| Jiyu-Furidemya
| {{node|225846761|Sainðaul ''(embassy)''}}
| {{node|225846761|Sainðaul ''(embassy)''}}
| {{node|231452074|Quentinsburgh ''(embassy)''}}

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This list tries to categorise all the Embassies located in Saindzaul. Soon I will try to add all the Izaki embassies built worldwide (if you notice and can add yours, I will be grateful!)

Country (in Izaki) in Izaland Abroad Notes
Allendea-Flag.png Allendea Allendea Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag of Antharia.svg Antharia Antarya Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Ambrosie Anburozhi Sainðaul (embassy)
Allendea-Flag.png Allendea Allendea Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag of Ardencia.svg Ardencia Ardenshia Sainðaul (embassy)
Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona Bartsona Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Belgravia Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Belphenia Belfenya Sainðaul (embassy)
2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Sainðaul (embassy) Campo Verde (emabssy)
Republic of Cinasia.png Cinasia Tukkwa Minkuku (Tukkuku) Sainðaul (embassy)
Dregovine flag.png Dregovine Litusava (embassy)
Eicarl Flag.jpeg Eicarl Eikaal Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Akazhuu Ryenpoonkuku Sainðaul (embassy)
FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Jiyu-Furidemya Sainðaul (embassy) Quentinsburgh (embassy)
UL14b flag.png Geklinia-Dregolesia Zhekulinya-Doregoleshia Sainðaul (embassy)
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gohrassanya Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag of Guai.svg Guai Gwai Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Ispelia Ispelia Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Jahta Yahta Sainðaul (embassy)
Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Kojoo Sainðaul (embassy)
FlagKofuku.jpg Kofuku Kofuku Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag of Kuehong.png Kuehong Kakyaan / Kwehoon Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag Lany.png Łany Lanii Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Latina Latina Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag-le.png Leresso Leresso Sainðaul (embassy) Aludres (embassy)
LayrFlag.svg Layr Lairi Sainðaul (embassy)
2 Luslandia.png Luslandia Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Luthesia Luteshi Sainðaul (embassy)
Mallyorianflag.png Mallyore Malyoska Sainðaul (embassy)
MauretiaFlag-new.svg Mauretia Mooretya Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Mecyna Meshina Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:New Ingerland Shin-Ingaalandi Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag of Plevia.svg Plevia Pulevya Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Quennes Kenes Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Ruoguovvás Rwogwovas Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Saikyel Saikyel Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag-se.png Semanya Semanya Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Tavauru Tavauru Sainðaul (embassy)
Template:Vartasimalia Vartashimalia Sainðaul (embassy)
Xochimalta-flag.png Xochimalta Shochimalta Sainðaul (embassy)